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Spring Is Almost Here!

It’s March 2nd and it’s time to get the ball rolling for Spring at my house and probably many of you are feeling that Spring Cleaning itch with me. I seriously love opening the door & letting some fresh air in and throwing out some unwanted stuff to make room for the new. I’ve been…

“You bought a WHAT?” You Aren’t Going To Believe Who’s Coming To My Spiritual Homestead

I feel a bit torn about what I did but when you hear how this went you might totally relate or you might think I’m intoxicated but either way it’s gonna be interesting. So the other night I dreamed all night long about following Emus & Turkeys around with a camera and it was one…

Chicks in January

And here they are! Okay so 2 chicks popped out of the 9 eggs I had and there are still 2 eggs left that haven’t hatched yet but I have confirmed that at least one of them has life because we can see the Chick moving around in the egg but I honestly just can’t…


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My name is Michelle and I am a Spiritual Teacher & Advisor. I am a Legally Certified Minister & Officiant in the State of Ohio and I have Certifications in Life Coaching, Soul Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Health & Wellness & I also have a Dr. of Metaphysics Degree as well as a Dr. of Divinity Degree. I have worked as a Professional Medium & all around Life & Business Coach for a number of years and I Love Love Love what I do 🙂

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