Do Awakened People Really Have to be “All Light”?

So many people are misinformed about this one and I will just put it out there, some people will be going that route while others will never be that glowing happy person that comes to mind when you think of an Awakened Person but that’s okay too!

We have different challenges in life so no two lives will ever be the same but that doesn’t mean that the person who struggles with negativity is any less Spiritual than their high vibe counterparts because remember that you will learn your most rewarding lessons through struggle & hardship and winning the struggle against Negativity is only part of the battle.

There will be some people who thrive in a constant high vibration existence and claim to never experience low frequency emotions but personally I couldn’t do it, I have way too much “life” in my life to even try it but I do the best I can with what I have. I am one of the many who experience both sides of the spectrum.

You see, neither way is the right way to do it because your life is yours alone and you don’t have the same plan as anyone else so if you experience anger, jealousy, hurt feelings, etc., that’s okay!

Of course you will want to try to stay in the higher vibrations as much as you can but don’t consider those dark moments to be failures but rather look at them as red flags that are telling you that you aren’t in a situation that is beneficial to you or there may be lessons to be learned so you can look for areas in your life that you can make changes in.

An example would be, if you have an issue with anger control and you find that it is keeping you bogged down and in low vibrations excessively you might want to work on your temper. If you are in a bad relationship and you are chronically depressed because of it then it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship perhaps but don’t expect miracles and get yourself needlessly frustrated because life isn’t perfect.

What do you think keeps you at low vibrations the most?

What can you do to resolve that issue?

What do you think this issue is trying to teach you about?

They key takeaway from this is to just do the best you can and don’t feel down because your world isn’t all shiny with sparkles. Maybe next time will be your turn to live in bliss but this time is all about learning & evolution . If you need something to rid your space of Negative Energy I have an excellent suggestion! I use this myself & love it.



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