What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

Dreams are just dreams right? Sometimes yes they are because the brain is a complex machine that continues to process your thoughts even while you are sleeping and it can help you resolve feelings or problems that are weighing on your mind but there are different types of dreams.

  • Psychological Dreams
  • Astral Dreams
  • Prophetic/Psychic Dreams

There are big differences between the 3 types of dreams and after a little practice you can tell which are which but the key to digging deep and unlocking the secrets in your own mind is journaling. The human brain is designed to forget dreams as soon as you wake up so even the most intense dream can be forgotten forever within minutes of waking up. and this is sometimes how you can tell what kind of dream you had.

  • Psychological Dreams are the dreams you have that pertain to your life and the events within. Your problems, troubles, and even your dinner may all play a role in these type of dreams. These dreams are often fast forgotten when you wake.

  • Astral Dreams are genuine out of body experiences where your soul leaves the confinement of your body and goes off into other dimensions (usually the Fourth Dimension) and spends time with Members of your Spirit Team, Loved Ones or Pets who are alive or deceased. These dreams usually leave you with a strong feeling and will be easier to remember but you still need to journal them because you can forget them shortly after waking.

  • Prophetic Dreams are usually very intense and often involve signs & clues about future events. You learn to just feel the difference between these dreams and others and some people can learn to interpret what certain numbers & symbols mean. These dreams can be forgotten but I find these dreams to be very powerful and lasting memories that are easy to remember. These are very important to journal because when it happens you can connect the dots to meanings since things are rarely what they seem and everything is usually in codes. Deceased Family or friends are often in these dreams. Strangers are usually your Guides or Angels or maybe even from past lives.

If you wake up dreaming of a song or remember dreaming of letters or numbers these are always prophetic or some type of message. After her husband passed away every time my grandma dreamed of 3 numbers they would always without fail come in on the pick 3 lottery that day but I never could get her to buy that ticket lol.

If you have never been much of a dreamer you might suddenly get a lot of dreaming action when your Pineal Gland activates because it literally opens you up to a whole new world. I have had some pretty amazing experiences in dreams and I’m not alone, it’s a pretty common thing.

Keep a journal beside your bed and be ready to write as soon as you wake up and you will be surprised at how often you are getting messages and how accurate they are.


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