The Reasons Empaths Attract Dark Relationships & How to Avoid Them

Empaths & Lightworkers are well known for attracting Narcissists & Psychopaths and right now it seems to be at an all time high for those poor Empaths that are dealing with abusive & disrespectful Partners, Friends, Parents, Coworkers, etc.. Never before have we ever had this many of them in society and they have become so blatantly abusive & controlling that it isn’t even a rare thing anymore to overhear someone being verbally abused in public or witnessing physical abuse in your community.

Right now we are in “Biblical Times” and Light & Dark are coming to a head right now and if you have read the Bible you know that what we refer to as “End Times” is here and Demons are roaming the Earth. You may take this as literal or not but Evil is among us like it has never been before and those who shine Light are being attacked.

People who practice Spirituality but avoid Religion like myself don’t need to read the bible to know that something big is happening because we see & feel it and a big indicator is that so many of us are in some form of an abusive relationship and there is a big reason for that, the Dark Ones are literally trying to steal our Light because they need it to fuel their own Energies.


I’m not going to go real deep in this article but let’s just say that what we are calling “Demons” are not coming from the pits of “Hell” but rather they are coming from other Dimensions and attaching to & feeding off of people with Low Vibrations but they need to take the Light from others in order to maintain their existence and that is where the Empaths & Lightworkers come into play.

A true Psychopath is not that crazy guy with an axe like the movies have tricked Society into believing. If you have studied Dark Psychology in college or in your own personal studies or if you have been in a relationship with this type of person, you will know that a true Psychopath is a very charming & friendly person on the outside until they have the Victim securely in their grasp and in private. A Narcissist may love to publicly hurt & humiliate their Victim but the Psychopath does it behind closed doors and those are the ones that are dangerous.

If you are an Empath you will be drawn to them romantically because you are a natural Healer and your Light-based Soul recognizes a Soul that needs to be healed but your Human heart & brain sometimes see it as “sparks” and thinks that instant attraction happens out of chemistry so by the time it finally clicks that something bad is wrong you may be in too deep to immediately get out of it and it may not be easy to get away from them but don’t EVER think that you are meant to stay in any type of abusive relationship because this is never the case.

Don’t forget that True Twin Flame Relationships are never physically abusive. They may be a form of Mentally Abusive but the mental abuse is strictly towards your own good by pushing you to be a better person, not trying to shame or lower you. There is a big difference!!!

By simply being aware of your tendencies to attract dark, broken, and damaged people you do have an advantage if you learn the signs to watch for in Narcissist & Psychopaths. Here are just a few examples.

  • Their ex is always “Crazy” or completely at fault for everything that happened in the relationship.
  • They seem to like a lot of drama
  • They love to talk about how they have been Victimized.
  • Their favorite topic is themselves and they don’t care about your details.
  • If you confide something personal and they use it against you this is a big warning.
  • They may have trouble keeping jobs or friends and may not like Pets
  • They are rude in a variety of ways and don’t value your input.
  • They will not like your friends & family. Watch for facial expressions & tone of voice with this because it often takes a while for this sign to manifest verbally but their disdain will be visible if you pay attention.
  • They will get salty if you don’t include them in activities that you want to do on your own & they may often blame their trust issues on an ex but whatever happened there should never be projected on to you, why should you pay for someone else’s mistake when you have done nothing wrong?
  • They often want to commit the relationship very quickly. The reason is, they know they can only keep this act up for so long.
  • If they habitually interrupt you while you are talking and then seem to forget that you ever spoke before they cut you off and they don’t apologize & ask you to repeat yourself this is a huge red flag. This is their way of letting you know that they don’t consider you to be important. This happening frequently will make you feel small, inferior & unimportant and that is how they like to keep you. This is a grooming technique.
  • They may be terrible with money or have addictions.
  • They don’t like socializing in public because they always “want you to themselves”.
  • The will do anything they can to keep you feeling bad and in lower vibrations. Being around them can be draining and you might feel it physically or emotionally.
  • Arguments are usually petty and overboard in theatrics. They cannot be wrong and will punish you for even suggesting it.
  • They will “allow” & “not allow” you to do certain things such as speak to people of the opposite sex, go places alone, wear certain clothes, etc.
  • Sex or love is withheld and/or they pressure you to do things that shame or hurt you that aren’t comfortable with. It’s all about them.

If a majority of this sounds like something you are familiar with it’s time to go especially if you are newly involved with this person it’s time to run because no matter what you do, they will not change.

As an empath you came here to be a Healer and it sometimes feels almost natural to hang in there and try to help change them but you are never supposed to give up your own happiness & life to become a full time Victim and Healers need to be aware of this so they can prevent it.

We each have this life to live and when you give up control of your own life to someone else who does not really care about you like they are supposed to you have lost the most precious thing you will ever have, your own freedom to be alive then you become utterly stuck in Karmic Imbalance.

One last thing, if you are in this situation they may brainwash their Victims into thinking that they don’t have a choice or nowhere to go but there is always an option. Always. You just have to be strong & courageous to find it sometimes.

This is just an introductory article on Dark/Light relationships, I have a ton of information on this subject so if it interests you be sure to follow for upcoming articles. I’m working to get this website finished, videos filmed & edited, and get the Education Center back up & running so whether you have been following my work for a while or if you just found me I appreciate the patience while I make all these changes!



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