Singing Bowls: Why every Spiritual Toolkit Needs One

Have you ever thought about getting a Singing Bowl to help heal yourself or others? If you aren’t real familiar with what a Singing Bowl is, allow me to explain.

These bowls are just amazing for meditation or yoga but I like to just sit quietly in my office and use them once a day just to clear out the negative energy in myself and in the room because after all, an office can be a stressful environment sometimes & I can feel an energetic difference after a session with the bowls but on days where I need a little extra something to go with it I like to either burn a little Sage or spray some Sage Spray.

Using them isn’t hard at all, all you have to do is keep moving the stick around the rim after you strike the bowl with a special mallet (most of them come with a thick wooden stick that has leather wrapped around the striking end) it makes a “Ding” sound and once you strike it you will start running the striker along the outside of the rim in a circular motion to get the desired tone/pitch going and you may also get a small pillow for the bowl.

I was always intimidated by them thinking I wouldn’t be able to use it right but once I got one it took me 2 tries within about 15 seconds to nail it so it’s not hard at all and any Beginner would not have any problems using one.

First, unless you can afford to buy a whole set at once you will want to choose a size and a note. The size isn’t nearly as important as the note but it’s important to know what purpose your bowl has because each tone represents a different Chakra or Healing property.

Each music bowl also has unique tone or sound note.

Note C # Root Chakra

Note D # Naval Chakra

Note E # Solar Plexus

Note F # Heart Chakra

Note G # Throat Chakra

Note A # Third Eye Chakra

Note B # Crown Chakra

The Bowls come in multiple sizes from 2.5 inches up to 12 inches typically but 4 inch is the most commonly used bowl for home use.

I recommend choosing a bowl that comes with a pillow because it does a great job keeping the sound from being absorbed. If you hold it with your hand alone it will absorb some of the vibration and may throw the tone off and I find that using the pillow is much easier anyway.

I recently picked up an affordable 4 inch bowl for around $25 and I love it but the prices can go from around $15 or so up into the hundreds according to what you are looking for. I also use them sometimes along with Tuning Forks.

It’s a very comforting & peaceful practice once you get used to it. In the beginning the sound would annoy me as it was clearing out the negative energies but now I find it very soothing. You don’t have to be a good Musician to use them & the benefits are abundant.

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