What Type of Flame Do You Have?

I have seen so much talk about the whole concept of Twin Flames TF but I don’t see a lot of talk about the False Twin Flame FTF or the Karmic Flame KF and there are way more FTF Couples than the True TF Couples and it’s important to know the difference so you can figure out your relationship and understand how to proceed with it.

True Twin Flame Relationships-

  • They are stressful but rewarding emotionally, physically, and all other areas of life.
  • Your Partner Challenges you to be a better person even with hard lessons to learn.
  • There may be emotional or mental abuse but NEVER physical abuse. Leave immediately if they become physically violent!
  • There will be separations & reunions throughout life.
  • There is always a Runner & a Chaser. One of you will always be ready to leave while the other wants to settle down forever.
  • You will have opposing views on most things and really have nothing in common beyond love but good or bad, you will learn so much from each other!
  • They are your “polar opposite”.
  • You might meet them at a place you don’t normally go, doing an activity you normally wouldn’t be doing, or it’s a chance meeting and it’s usually intense feelings from the start.
  • After all the trauma is over, they may come together in the end and make it work, finally!

False Twin Flame Relationships-

  • They are emotionally, physically, and otherwise draining.
  • The relationship itself can take over your life.
  • There may be abuse and in fact, many abusive relationships are FTF. No True TF relationship will ever be physically abusive. Leave immediately if they become physically violent!
  • The relationship is often “pointless” to spiritual or personal growth & no real meaningful lessons are ever learned.
  • They can last years or days and it’s often an Empath/Narcissist type of relationship that will never benefit the Empath.
  • They aren’t meant to last because they are just a “training” for the real TF.
  • If you go through a FTF relationship you are likely ready for the real thing but you may or may not meet this person in this Lifetime depending on the emotional trauma & Life Plan so it could actually happen the next time.

Karmic Flame Relationships-

  • Very hard relationships to endure usually.
  • Often contains many painful lessons
  • They are often a reflection of how you view & treat yourself. For example: if you stay in a very bad relationship with a lot of verbal abuse you likely need to work on your own self image & self worth.
  • They sometimes come together after you have deeply hurt someone else in this lifetime or another one to show you how you made the other person feel.
  • If you don’t “get it” with the first KF Relationship you will continue to have these type of relationships until you do figure out the problems and why they exist.
  • May be physically mentally, sexually & emotionally abusive.
  • These couples often stay together when most people would run.
  • Usually not meant to last but sometimes do.
  • Leave immediately if they become physically violent!

Soulmate Flames

You usually don’t hear them referred to as Soulmate Flames but I do use this term because your Lover is your Flame no matter what type of relationship it is and a Soulmate is no different, they can get very hot & steamy just like any other relationship and it’s misinformation that Soulmates are boring because they can be the most exciting person we have ever met! The difference is in how well you connect & get along.

  • Usually very loving and easy relationships.
  • May meet early or later in life.
  • They are often rewarding and lasting.
  • Share many of he same likes & dislikes.
  • May last forever.
  • Very easy relationships that are very rewarding in all aspects.
  • Often start as friendships.

Most often, the relationships you have whether they last or not are meant to bring something to your life that you are meant to experience. You may have made a Soul Contract to meet this person in this incarnation so they can remind you of a specific lesson or accomplishment that you intended to experience.

If you look at every single relationship you have ever had and really examine it you will find a lesson that is either big or small and your current relationship is no exception. With Karmic Flames you might figure it out as it’s thriving or after the relationship ends but many don’t end until you have it all resolved & if it does people tend to repeat the pattern and get into similar relationships until it finally clicks in their head that these relationships came with lessons you needed to learn.


Sometimes you can make a Karmic Flame work but they are intense & not for the faint of heart! Lessons can be abundant but challenging. I know because I live it 🙂
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