Your Spirit Team

You know you have a whole team of Spiritual Beings around you at all times that are dedicated to your wellbeing right? If not allow me to explain it so you can use this to your advantage.

First of all, your Spirit Team is always trying to get your attention and help guide you the right way but they are also there for your protection as well and your life is their number one priority but they can’t do as much for you unless you are willing to let them help.

You don’t have to be “Psychic” or have any special gifts in order to communicate with them and nothing is too big or small to ask for help with. Your team includes so many different beings it would probably blow your mind to realize how big your team is. In each category you might have 1 or you might have 1,000 beings depending on many different things but make no mistake you have a whole big team with you every step of the way in this life.


Let’s discuss your Team!

  • Deceased Loved Ones– These are the people you know who have already went Home from this life. There may only be a few or many depending on how many people have been in your life this time.
  • Past Lives– People from your Past Lives may pop in to check on your from time to time and some may even play an active role as part of your Team.
  • Other Dimensional Beings– Aliens, Ghosts, Fairies, Bigfoot, etc.. anything that falls under the “Mythical” category and not everyone believes in them but that is irrelevant because they help you whether you acknowledge them or not.
  • Spirit Guides– These Spirits are dedicated exclusively to helping you get through this life and most have been with you since birth or joined in later. Most of the time they have not incarnated with you but it is possible! An example would be a best friend who passed away decided to come watch over you until you come Home.
  • Angels- These are the “regular” angels that are with you and keep you safe and feeling loved. They watch over you at all times and are constantly sending you signs.
  • Guardian Angels– They are Angels who have been assigned to protect you, sort of like VIP 24/7 security guards.
  • Archangels– These more advanced Angels that help people with specific tasks, journeys, healings, etc.. Archangel Uriel is my Guardian Angel and people say that isn’t possible but try telling Uriel or me that because Archangel Uriel has been coming to me as my Guardian Angel for years.
  • Spirit Animals– Yep, your Spirit Pets or Spirit Guide Animals are part of the team too. This can be pets you’ve loved in this lifetime or others or it can be your Spirit Animals. This can be any animal and not exclusive to cats & dogs.
  • Ancestors– This would be people from your linage such as a great-great-great-great-great grandma. They often come to teach you about your roots. They may come in dreams or through psychic abilities either one.
  • Helper Guides– These Guides are like assistant Spirit Guides that just pop in for special tasks & emergencies or rough periods in your life. They can also pop in to help you avoid accidents or take over for your normal Guides while they tend to other things.
  • Ascended Masters– These are the people who have put their time on Earth in and no longer need to come back. They are like the wise old grandparents of the spirit world.
  • Saints– These are exactly as it sounds. You have actual Saints in your Spirit Team who help you learn & grow spiritually. If you need help being more spiritual this is a great place to start.
  • Religious Figures– If you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior then Jesus is on your Spirit Team & if you believe the teachings of Buddha then he is on your list of team members and any other religious figure you might follow would be in this category. You could be any religion and still have Religious Figures from other Religions be a part of your team!
  • Creator– If you believe God is your Ultimate Creator then he is on your Spirit Team. Some people, including myself believe in a Mother & a Father God both and I place them both as Co-Creators. I ask Father God for help with Forgiveness & Spiritual help while I ask Mother God for assistance with Humanity Issues.
  • According to your beliefs you might have even more Team Members because we are really based from our own personal realities.

They Are Here To Help

So here’s the deal, you have at least hundreds if not thousands of Spirit Team Members who are with you from your first breath on this Earth until you are back Home after your Physical Body gives out and you are never at any point alone.

The more you acknowledge them and ask for specific types of help the more they can assist you. It doesn’t have to be a big emergency life or death situation to ask for help, you can ask for very simple things or advice and they are thrilled to help you but you must be very direct, specific, & to the point with them and you must give details like timeframes and amounts.

I have a system worked out with my Spirit Team and I talk to them frequently. I am Clairaudient and have the ability to physically hear them when I’m in the right Vibrations but most of the time they let me know the answers I need through numbers (777 is our favorite code message!), tarot cards, pendulum, and other ways we have learned to communicate back & forth. With a little effort you can do this too!

Keep an eye out for my upcoming articles on how to directly communicate with your Spirit Team the easy way so there is no misunderstandings & second guessing. I’m also working on an article telling you exactly how to “hire” your very own Personal Assistant from the Other Side!


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