Spiritual Life Chronicles: Homesteading

One thing that some Spiritually Awakened people like to get into is more Natural Living and Homesteading is becoming quite popular while we try to get back to our more natural & healthy roots so we can maintain a higher Vibration because many of the foods we are eating are keeping us in lower vibration than we could actually be in.

Another benefit to Homesteading is getting back into nature and spending time outside with animals that are relying on you to take care of them and that alone is a big feel-good plus because it’s very Grounding to go out every day and tend to your plants & animals.

Click the Picture to learn how to start a garden in any space

Space is Not a Big Issue

One thing we are finding is that you really do not need a big area of land to create a nice sustainable little farm that provides fresh meat, eggs, milk, veggies, or whatever your family desires and it’s much more cost efficient in the long run if you do it properly and you can possibly save up to thousands of dollars each year in living expenses and the potential to turn a profit exists with a smart plan.

The object is to smart small and start smart. I am within my first year of the process myself and I am working with about 1/3 an acre and I still have more than plenty of room left to grow. The garden is finished for the year and we are moving into fall so I have the Winter to plan for Spring but the Spring goal is lots of Baby Chickens & lots of eggs and hopefully maybe even some baby Ducks this Spring to take to a local Flea Market and sell.

Right now I have 4 Silkie Hens, 1 Silkie Rooster, 1 Giant Cochin Hen that are contained & secured in a roomy little shed & yard while I also have a mixed free-range flock and just yesterday I got 4 little ducks at Rural King and they are doing fine with my Silkies.

My Silkies & Ducks at today’s feeding.

This coming Spring I plan to introduce some Goats & Rabbits to the mixture because I want to concentrate on only 1-2 things at a time while I am starting and then just keep growing from there.

Have you ever considered starting a Farmstead? If so I can’t recommend it enough and as long as you are careful with what you do it can be a great experience that the entire family can benefit from.

When you know that the foods you are eating grew in your garden or the meats were raised on your land without hormones, abuse, & disease and that they don’t have chemicals and other negative effects of mass production it really makes you feel better. Literally because your foods will be at a much higher vibration than store bought foods.

Think about this, and I don’t say this to make anyone feel bad but there is a big reason I mention it… When you eat meat from animals that lived in mass production facilities and have never had any love or affectionate energy from anyone a day in their lives then they are brutally slaughtered and processed before they reach your table, what kind of energy do you think you are absorbing from them when you eat that meat?

Is it hard to eat an animal that you raised with love? Yes it can be at first until you get used to natural living. My first flock of Chickens did me in for eating Chicken for a long time until I realized something that changed everything about the way I looked at it.

My Free-Range Hens & a Bantam Rooster are ready for lunch. My top dog rooster George wasn’t around for this pic.

Instead of paying $1 for every Pepper you use, you can have enough to last year round for the price of a pack of seeds and they taste so much better!!! Use the mess you clean out of your chicken coop & garden along with scraps & other wastes for garden compost that can also be a recycled extra food source for the flock later on. Your setup can totally become self-sustaining very quickly and cost only pennies to keep.

This is just a quick opening for this series on Homesteading and more articles will follow as I grow & start doing instructional videos but for now, we all need a place to start right 🙂

When I started my personal Reset I started craving more natural everything & stuff like this just becomes part of a naturally Spiritual Life and that is the point I want to make to my Readers, Awakened Life is about much more than just Crystals, Messages from Angels & Psychic Abilities, it’s also about real life stuff because you are still a Human and should live as Humans are meant to.. more naturally.


Watch for my upcoming article on yummy Crystal-Infused Homemade Butter!

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