A Word About A Spiritual Life Reset

We Awaken for a very important reason!

So I’ve had more response to this new blog already than I expected so early so I wanted to explain what a Spiritual Reset is because I’ve been asked that several times so far and it’s pretty simple to explain.

When you have a Spiritual Awakening your eyes & mind open up to a lot of things and sooner or later you go through the entire process and the way it usually works out is, what does not serve is removed.

Once the things in your life that are not serving you are gone, many people often feel like they are starting over because they have changed to some degree and they feel that their old life just doesn’t work for them anymore.

Some may suddenly become single, they may lose or quit a job, they may move, etc.. and now is the time to start on a blank slate because after the darkness of loss ends, it’s a whole new beginning!

Some people like to start businesses from their passions and work on creating abundance so they can better assist others, some start working with charities or assisting Humanity in other ways, some find new hobbies that are fulfilling, and some even find Soulmates and focus on Love from this point out. Once you hit the Reset Button your life becomes much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Before your Awakening you were a product of Society and were likely doing what was expected of you and what you were molded into doing. After your Awakening you seek to do what your Heart & Soul really want to do with this life. The reason you came here is discovered and the Real You is born.

How drastic the change is depends on how far off course you were to begin with due to the Molding Process and what your natural desires are. Some people find it really easy and already know exactly what they want to do but others… not so much. Sometimes the Soul Purpose & Soul Mission are hidden really deep and that is my specialty, I can find it in virtually anyone.

The most beautiful transformation I have witnessed to date is the single Mom who left an abusive relationship and survived on food stamps & a small paycheck from a PT min. wage job have a Life Reset & opened a Battered Women’s Shelter with the money she earned as a Survivor’s Coach. She realized that she had to experience the Trauma before she could teach others how to overcome it and that is often where our Purpose most often lies, they are within our traumas.


So I hope that explains it a bit better and while I won’t be writing articles exclusively about Reset Topics that is my primary work and I am working hard to get the business back up & running and get the VIP Members section finished so I will hopefully be back to “work” within the next month but until then I’ll see you with the next article!


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