Are You Ready to Develop Your Psychic Abilities But Don’t Know Where to Start?

When I first started thinking about developing my psychic abilities it was a bit scary because I was so worried about how I would react the first time I saw a Spirit that I actually blocked myself from progressing because of this baseless fear I put in my own head and because of that it took me a while to get my abilities to start functioning right other than in dreams of course.

Fear is the number one block that holds us back and it really is a baseless fear because even after all this time I have never seen anything that has actually scared me but I admit that I’ve had a few WTF moments over the years!

My first mistake was trying to go from Point A directly to Point Z and that is the most common problem with Psychic Development we face because we are so eager to do the “fun” stuff that will impress our friends & family but that ends up limiting our progress, mainly because we get frustrated & get stuck.

I have personally trained hundreds in Psychic Development over the years and each person has been different but some things are always the same and we all follow the same set of Basic Rules:

  • You will only progress at the level you are adapted to & ready for.
  • You can’t develop psychic abilities without Intuition.
  • If you decide something it WILL BE.
  • You have to work on your vibration to achieve success.
  • Your Pineal Gland needs to be activated but does not have to be fully “open”.

Training isn’t really a hard thing to do but if it is difficult then you have some sort of block in place because it is easier to learn to use your psychic abilities than it is to learn how to read & write and you have clearly nailed that early in life. If children were trained at an early age to use their abilities the way they are trained to read & write the world would be full of amazingly accurate psychics.

So how do we start later in life? Easy! I won’t be able to give you a complete How To Guide in just one article but I can tell you where to start.

Get a Pendulum & a deck of Tarot or Oracle Cards. They don’t need to be fancy and they don’t need to be expensive, you can even make your own if DIY is your thing. These two tools are a great way to get an introduction into Psychic Skills. I prefer Oracle over Tarot myself for beginners but it’s a matter of preference, I find them to be much easier because they often come with messages on the cards and they are a bit more positive in most cases.

The Pendulum is where I started my own daughter at last year because by starting off at the bottom it familiarizes you with Spirit and teaches you how to communicate with Spirit more effectively by trusting the answers you get. She is naturally Clairvoyant but “shut it off” a long time ago because it scared her when she was a kid/teen.

Once you become comfortable with these tools and get used to the feeling of Spirit Working with you, then may be a better time to start trying to take your training a step further.

If you believe that no evil spirits exist then they just won’t because with no energy to create them they cannot manifest. But if you fear them you are feeding them and they are always hungry.


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