5 Ways to Tame Your Anger & Raise Your Vibration

We hear a lot about anger and how we are supposed to control it but very little about why we experience this highly negative biological symptom and yes, it is a symptom!

Anger itself is designed to warn us that something just isn’t quite right and the heart sends the warning signal to the brain letting it know that you need to oppose this action because it is not in your best interest so in it’s natural state anger is a good thing!

Back when our Privative Ancestors were in competition for food it was a life-saving mechanism that kept them alive. For example, if a Hunter went out and spent all day looking for an animal to kill and bring home to feed his family and another person just took it from him, without anger he might have shrugged his shoulders and had to go find dinner all over again and his family would have went hungry. Because of Anger he did not allow someone to steal his food and his family survived.

Anger is a life-saving mechanism and it still very much has it’s place in modern society but when it becomes extreme it must be addressed before it gets out of control and becomes like a drug of choice to some people with specific tendencies like Narcissism, Bipolar or other mental disorders that make people more prone to violent behaviors.

Over time Anger has evolved though and that is where the problem comes in. Some people have developed a hair-trigger response for anger and when there is too much toxicity behind anger it becomes a problem instead of a solution.


When the Anger response is out of balance it can be an exhausting existence and trivial things become highly important in the mind and so much energy is wasted being angry and negative over things that should be a mere irritation at best and it snowballs because the body will become addicted to that rush of adrenaline that comes with a surge of anger and the brain will see to it that you experience this rush every chance you get. Instead of focusing on the resolution people will focus on the intensity of the anger.

So what does this have to do with Spiritual Life? A lot actually.

We are learning more now about how the Heart & Brain actually work together in the thought & emotion process and the heart actually leads the brain instead of the other way around. Your Heart is actually where the anger starts and the brain is following orders.

The studies on this are quite fascinating! The heart can actually intuitively pick up on events just immediately before they happen and by the time the brain recognizes the event it’s loaded with response and ready to go but the problem starts when the brain decides “worse case scenario” is happening and anger goes through the roof as an over-reaction.

If you have issues with Anger and want to get them more in control you need to focus more on Heart Centered Healing as a first step instead of just focusing on the mind. It’s like throwing a single paper towel on a gallon of spilled milk and expecting the entire mess to absorb into a single towel and go away… it’s not gonna happen.

When people have a Spiritual Awakening they often start trying to Heal themselves of past trauma & toxic tendencies and anger is quite often at the top of the list in things we try to heal within ourselves.

We start to reflect on the things throughout our lives that we could have done differently in the past and we try to recognize the mistakes that we don’t want to make again in the future so anger control is a big deal for a lot of Spiritually Awakened people who are trying to eliminate excessive Negativity from their life.

How to Heal an Overactive Anger Response

It’s really not as hard to get anger under control as we think it is but you just have to go about it the right way. On top of therapy, effort, medications, and other “traditional” treatments for overactive anger you can do several things that are very beneficial in treating & healing the symptoms.

  • Sound Healing Therapy– Listening to certain sounds are very effective in healing the negative responses in the body and the heart & brain will relax when exposed to a frequency of 432 Hz & 528 Hz. I strongly suggest using 528 Hz when a person is actively angry because that is actually the Universal Frequency of Love and Love is the ultimate Healing for Anger and other Negative Emotion Energies. If you have Alexa there is a great program that plays Healing Sounds that will Clear Negative Energy.
  • Heart Focused Healing-Learn to pay attention to the Heart when you are experiencing Anger. Focus in on how rapidly your heart is beating and concentrate on slowing the beat when you are actively angry. You are releasing Adrenaline and it increases heart rate dramatically when you are angry but when the heart starts slowing down the brain will be naturally conditioned to release anger as your slower heart rate tells it that the problem has been resolved and everything is okay. You will be amazed at how effective this is.
  • Practicing Self Control– There is an easy way to determine if a person really can’t control their anger. If they can hold it in until they are in a more private setting & /or they can focus it on one specific person each time no matter what triggers them, then they can control it but if they will regularly explode anywhere at any time in front of anyone and get violent then yes it may be a biologically out of control scenario where the person really cannot be responsible for their own actions but Non-Egocentric Self-Control generally works very effectively. In simple terms, this means that you are capable of burying your Ego long enough to calm down before proceeding. To practice this you just simply decide that you aren’t going to overreact and you stick to that decision. It gets easier to do every time you do it and eventually you have transformed your behavior. It sounds really simple and it is! It’s also very effective. If you cannot do this then maybe it’s time to look at medications or therapies.
  • Alone Time– If you are feeling a bad day brewing let those close to you know how you are feeling before it becomes a full-blown situation. Take some time to yourself to figure out what your body is trying to tell you because remember that the heart is intuitive but signals can be crossed sometimes and you may feel anger & be in a grumpy mood and not even know exactly why so perhaps a good heart Chakra Clearing is due simply from old stagnant energy left over from unresolved issues.
  • Prepare– It’s proven that people with anger control issues are more easily provoked on a Full Moon, this is not a myth. When you recognize patterns such as this you can put in the effort to prevent a bad mood before it starts. In the case of Full Moon Fever, you can spend time with Crystals, bathe in Himalayan Sea Salt, Meditate more frequently, or any practice that soothes you.

We are much more sensitive to these Heart Energy Responses that we realize and it plays a role in our day. Have you ever had a bad dream and end up in a bad mood all day long because of it? Recognize these tendencies so you can resolve them properly and without unnecessary stress.

The hardest part of the process is that point where you realize that it’s time to get yourself under control but each time you shut your anger down it gets easier the next time.


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