What is Your Trauma Level? You Can Heal, Starting Now!

Right now Trigger is a pretty big word that is getting a lot of attention especially on social media where posts often come with “Trigger Warnings” attached if they are going to go into a potentially sensitive subject and they want you to be aware of it before you read so you don’t get upset.

There are Five levels of Trauma on my Trauma Level Scale Evaluation that I use to assess Clients at Intake.

  • Level 1– True Mental Pain still exists. Diminishes quality of life, Irregular sleeping patterns, Fear-based life, May require Medical Assistance to start Recovery & Healing. Trauma still feels fresh over extended time. Either feels “stuck” and cannot begin to heal or has no desire to try, Depression may be mild-severe.
  • Level 2– Functioning but Life is effected mildly to moderately, Must use caution when encountering Triggers, Most problems lie within the Subconscious and this suppression is the Root Cause of many seemingly unrelated Life Problems.
  • Level 3– All Trauma responses are amplified by insecurities, low ego, or Narcissisms and the Victim loves being seen as a Victim. Creates & glorifies drama based on their trauma in order to gain sympathy & admiration. Uses Trauma as a crutch to avoid unpleasantries in life or to “get out of” things. People who can wear the term “Trauma Drama Queen/King” Syndrome generally secretly want to be Victims more than they actually are and are never happier than when they are gaining sympathy. May or may not be “true Victims”.
  • Level 4 Healed or in Recovery- These people accept what happened and have moved on or are in the process. No unresolved emotions or underlying subconscious issues related to Trauma. They no longer or never did consider themselves as Victims. Few to no Triggers affect them. Forgiveness has or is taking place & strength is found in the experience. Accept & understand the Spiritual Reasons they experienced the trauma to begin with.
  • Level 5– Advanced Healing, turned experience into something positive & ready to assist Others based on something they learned from their own Trauma.

Understanding & Recovery

I think that when some people are avoiding the things that upset them and they are convincing themselves that if they read something that triggers them then they automatically are gonna have to go & get upset because of it, they are intentionally keeping themselves in the Victim Zone where they don’t have to be!

Real true Empowerment is surviving something and not allowing the experience to keep you confined & cornered in the Victim Zone. I know that sounds cold but I promise that I am far from being cold, I believe in looking under the layers and discovering what causes what so real Healing can unfold.

Sure it takes time and you must make sure you Heal properly which includes not letting feelings of hatred, revenge, and helplessness take over. For example, if this article itself triggers you then you must have an issue that hasn’t been dealt with properly and that is the whole point, when you are triggered you are not Healed and I worded the article very carefully to prove a point about that.

Let me tell you just a little about my personal Past DV trauma. I have experienced things you would cringe to think about but it does not cause me undue mental stress to read your story about DV because I have Healed. I can read it and feel Empathy for you and relate to certain feelings and experiences but it will not effect me mentally because I have Healed and accept that part of my past as a big learning experience You have to forgive for your own sake just don’t ever forget.

The thing is, not everyone recovers from Trauma easily and it can be just as debilitating to live with Trauma as it is to live with Chronic Pain if it goes untreated & unhealed.

So what can you do about these Triggers?

  • Purge your feelings. Set aside some alone time and get it off your chest that one last time. Hold a little ceremony or ritual to bring an end to the lesson. Burn a reminder, wear some crystals, cut cords, it’s your ceremony have it the way it feels right. Just make sure that you focus on purging the pain & negativity from your mind & body.
  • When you are triggered recognize what happens to your body. Somewhere in your body will feel bad when you are triggered and it may be subtle or intense but it can be in your belly, chest, throat, etc.. so focus on locating that spot and when you do, visualize an intense beam of Healing Light dissolving the area where you feel it. Replace that area with a ball of Purple Light. Do this every time you get triggered or you can do it without being triggered as a daily practice.
  • Use Sound Therapy. You have likely heard of White Noise but did you know there are other colors too? For Healing trauma I suggest listening to Pink Noise for about 5-10 minutes per day. If you have Alexa you can listen to Pink Noise easily on command.
  • Soak in a Pink Himalayan Sea Salt bath to rid your body of Toxic Negative energy and work on clearing the Root & Heart Chakra. Treating yourself to an Energy Healing is a wonderful experience. Some people might benefit from a Past Life Regression Session.

So if you are having trouble with Trauma Recovery stick around because I have plenty more material coming on this subject & I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on the subject! Thanks for checking out this article!


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