Are We At End Times? The Signs Are Saying Yes!

This is far from a fear-based warning because there is nothing to fear. You knew how your life was going to play out when you came here and you eagerly chose to come at this very special time for a good reason so any fear you might experience at the thought of End Times is a little reminder in your subconscious that you still have Lessons that you need to learn with your remaining time on Earth.

If you read the Bible you are aware that things are falling into place and the predictions of the bible are going right down the line towards Judgement Day.

If you do not follow the bible because you are not part of Christianity I still recommended checking it out and just looking at it as a form of Study. Admittedly, I have a Phd in Divinity and while I studied predominately Christianity-based material I am not what you would call a Christian because I don’t label my beliefs, I am simply Spiritual.

I am not big on following the bible because I know that parts of it have been taken out & manipulated over the years and it’s been re-worked to suit certain narratives but in my research I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a wealth of Truth in all of our Religions and each one has it’s own validity.

So if you do look at the Bible there are things coming into play that suggest it’s Time but only in hindsight do most people realize that “The End” has been near for many many years but most hadn’t pieced it together until now.

Should We Be Worried?

Really, nope because it doesn’t mean much and you can’t sit & worry about it and dwell on any fears coming from your Human brain because it’s really a positive thing! There should be no fear involved in the cycle because it has happened many times before and this is not your first round with it but because you can’t remember it you don’t know what to expect.

First of all you have to remember several things about Existence.

  • You came here to learn & experience specific things and people worry so much about Sin but in all my researching I’ve come to the very strong conclusion that the word and explanations of Sin has been misrepresented & exaggerated over time. Think about this, Without Darkness Light cannot exist.
  • People fear Hell but more & more people are having NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and they are coming back to tell a much more different view of what they saw. “Hell” is a personal creation and your Creator will not banish you to burn for eternity like they try to scare us with, but rather you may end up in a lower dimension on arrival but when you ask for help you will receive it and be rescued unless you are truly a Dark Being and in that case you will be happy to be home so that part of the Transition is nothing to fear. You will never be lost or abandoned for eternity and that includes suicides.
  • When The Creator (I like to use the term God but when I write I try to use Source or Creator) comes back for you, if we believe what is in the Bible, you are given a free pass on the whole “death” thing and go straight to Home. Those left behind are gonna be like kids who failed a grade so they have to repeat it. You get another chance and there will be another Coming.

Whatever belief system you follow just try to remember one thing, your creator is not to be feared because your Creator is meant to be Loved unconditionally and powerfully so how can you do that if you Fear him/her?

You can’t! This is a trap that people fall into with this because of what we have been told but all you need to feel is Love and leave out that irrational Fear.

The “Judgment” we all fear is not from Creator but it’s from within. Our Judgment Day is a Life Scan and it can be amazing & brutal both according to how you treated people in life but there is no punishment, it’s a learning experience.

You will feel how you made people feel, you will feel the hurt & joy both of every action you took in life and everything you have ever done will be out in the open. If that is something you fear then maybe it’s time for a change?

So yes I do believe that we are in End Times but it’s nothing like what we have been told it would be and it’s certainly nothing to fear. If we had access to the entire Bible, not just bits & pieces they want to allow us to have, we would have a complete Guide to the Matrix and in my opinion, everything will be exposed and revealed sooner rather than later.

I’m gonna dig deeper into the actual End Times Events based on Spiritual Insight later & I may just end up doing a video on that because it’s gonna be a long article, but until next time thanks for reading!

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