Earth Angel Workshop: Part 1

This is a 3 part mini-series on Earth Angels and I am putting out all of the relevant need to know information I have on the subject of Earth Angels. It’s a lot so I broke it up. Make sure you subscribe so you catch Part 2 & Part 3!

First we will define the term Earth Angel. It’s a pretty sounding term and if you are of a certain age you may start thinking about an old song from forever ago.. (it’s stuck in my head right now) but there is a lot more to it than just being a beautiful Soul in a troubled body.

Earth Angels live some of the hardest lives that Humanity has to offer and that doesn’t always mean that they took on the role as the “Innocent Victims” because in order to change Humanity for the better it sometimes means that the Angels have to get their hands dirty so they can understand both side of the experience.

Angels are never Human Souls so when we die we do not go & become Angels after we graduate to a different level or anything like that. In fact, they never used to incarnate with us but the fact is, Humanity is hurting and troubled like it never has been before so the Angels are here to assist & heal Humanity so the rest of us can be better off, they take on the very hardest of lives.

The above visual is what most people associate with Earth Angel Qualities but in Advanced Earth Angels they often have to experience life in a much Darker way before they Reset and come into their role is Healers. Earth Angels are almost always very complex & sometimes mentally or physically tortured & troubled Beings when they are Incarnated. They come here to teach us something important and Heal us so they need to learn before they can teach.

When we think of Earth Angels we think of these two things:

  • Someone who has spent a Lifetime in Service to others, sweet giving nurturing, & overall a good person from birth.
  • Someone who has been Victimized their entire lives and lived a lot of hardships.

But really this isn’t exactly right. Earth Angels will often live 2 lives in one because they have to take a turn being the “bad guy” so they can experience Empathy & understand how to heal the “bad guys”.

When you see someone who used to be a hardcore criminal who went to prison for murder & get out 20 years later & become an anti-drug/anti-crime advocate or a Youth Minister you are looking at a genuine Earth Angel.

Just don’t confuse them with the true Dark Souls because there is a huge difference, the Earth Angel might be getting into trouble and doing some pretty bad stuff but it all stems from trauma.

They may have been abused in childhood or suffered a traumatic experience that turned them into what they are while a true Dark Soul was just born as a “bad seed” and cannot experience Empathy. Earth Angels often have run in’s throughout life with these “bad seeds” and they try to influence them and show them a better way despite or because of their own mistakes.

They come in all different levels and not all of them will have to experience the Darkness needed to learn how to show the way because they have already been here before and have learned.

You might find an Earth Angel who was born severely disfigured and leads a short painful life that impacted her Parents & many others with her courage- all with a smile on her face or they may be that drug dealer who found his God & became a Minister in Prison and preaches to the Homeless & organizes food drives when he gets out. They come in all types of lives. Look at Motivational Speakers to find many of them.

Does it make sense to you that an Earth Angel would end up making a mistake and end up in Prison surrounded by Lost or Dark Souls? In this environment they can make the biggest impact by showing others that there is another way in life.

Varying Degrees of Earth Angels

Okay so not all Earth Angels end up in Prison teaching other people how to turn it around, some are walking the streets right along beside everyone else but they will have some degree of a hard life.

These are the most common Life Themes of Earth Angels but by no means is this a complete list.

  • Abuse Victims
  • Rough childhoods without Love
  • Criminals
  • Addictions
  • Homeless
  • Lost & Depressed/Mentally Ill
  • Chronic Health Problems

Most of the Traumas they experience stem from these circumstances and here is how to spot them or identify yourself among them, no matter what type of trouble may be in their life they still care enough about Humanity to want to help other people.

It may be very internally or they may be vocal about it but they do not want the life they are living and they want to do better. They may possibly care more about Other People than they do about themselves.

How you ever witnessed a hungry Homeless Drug Addicted Person share their sandwich with their dog?

Have you ever known a former addict become a drug counselor after they got out of Prison?

Have you ever known a Childhood Abuse Survivor become a loving & devoted Parent?

What about a Human Trafficking Survivor who becomes a major Voice for Victims and goes on to help with Rescues?

Their lives often go from one extreme to another and it doesn’t matter what the Life Theme is, it’s always really hard. “Regular Souls” wouldn’t be able to handle these lives and often when they do try it then they sometimes end up committing suicide or Traumatizing their Souls so badly it can take several lifetimes to Heal the damage.

This is why the Angels are now incarnating into these Earth Roles and in order to do what needs to be done they have to learn & experience both ends of the spectrum because Angels normally do not ever incarnate.

That is another reason Earth Angels just don’t usually fit in before their Life Reset. They have never been Human before and often can’t relate to Humanity. It takes them usually about the first half of their life to just get used to being Human so they don’t fit in. Even in childhood they are just different and usually don’t have friends.

Kids are sensitive to difference because they aren’t as desensitized as us adults are & they can just feel that there is something different about these Angel Children and don’t know how to process how they feel so they go with what Society has told them to do and treat them as outcasts.

So when they sense something different about the Earth Angel Children and treat them as outcasts this is usually what starts the social problems they experience in life because they are bullied and made into “social misfits” or “black sheep” and they can’t understand why. They just end up forming the opinion that there is something wrong with them and they assume they are flawed.

Often times these children will go on to find one good friend who helps them through childhood and this child is usually always an Empath Sensitive. They pick up on the beautiful qualities of the Earth Angel Child that others don’t.

This Sensitive Child may be an outcast themselves but to a much lessor degree than the Angel Child and they take on the role of friend & protector until they are no longer needed. Sometimes this friendship drifts away and another Sensitive moves into place and takes over. This was all arranged before birth and the Sensitive Friend is almost always hand-picked by the Angel themselves and the friend is here as their main support.

7 Signs That You Are An Earth Angel

Signs That You Are an Earth Angel are pretty easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. This is the first 7 signs so be sure to catch Part 2 & Part 3 to get 14 more signs.

  1. Dreams are a whole different experience. It is almost as if when you fall asleep you live a whole other life. Dreams often involve Natural Disasters, Tragic accidents or saving people from tragic accidents, going to “another place”, seeing the same unknown people or deceased Loved Ones, Dreams about saving children, or other instances that just feel too real. You may even dream that you are experiencing something horrible in the place of someone who is really experiencing it somewhere. You are often prone to vivid or lucid Astral experiences.
  2. You may wake up really angry for no good reason. Now anyone can do this from time to time but if this is something you are well-known for then this is a sign.
  3. Backaches in your shoulder blade. This is a less common sign but sometimes your Wings don’t feel good when they are trapped in your physical body.
  4. Do you sometimes seem to knock things over easily when you walk past with no real explanation? If you often find yourself saying “I am so clumsy! I don’t know how I knocked that over” ? Angels are like Bulls in a Fine China shop because while you can’t see their wings, they are there and sometimes their energy is strong enough to interact with objects or people/pets.
  5. Loneliness is usually a lifetime issue but at the same time Earth Angels often prefer solitude and may be natural Loners. You might prefer to not be very social but when you do decide that you want a friend or crave that connection with another person and don’t have it, it feels terribly lonely.
  6. Very strong Intuition is almost always present and you are good about paying attention to it.
  7. Very hard Lives are the most common sign but here’s the kicker- these hard lives will be overcome & healed at some point and the Earth Angel will often start Healing others as soon as they heal themselves if not sooner.

Okay so here are the top 7 signs but there are quite a few more & I will be putting a ton of articles out on this as I go along. If you are interested in Earth Angels be sure to Follow me to catch future articles & videos on the subject.

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