Starseed 101- 11 Signs You Might Have Missed

Starseeds are just a whole different type of Soul and if you are a Starseed just knowing what your origins are can explain your life and bring some relief to your mind because finding out that there is a good reason life went this way for you eases the mind.

10 Starseed Traits that you never would have guessed.

  1. The Starseeds who decided to take on a female role arrived sooner than the ones who chose to be male. This explains why many Starseeds are in May-December relationships with younger Starseeds but there is a twist to it,
  2. Before Human incarnation Starseeds may be from a planet that does not have gender and this may explain why some Starseeds become Transgender because their birth gender just don’t feel right to them.
  3. Starseeds often do not settle down and have families very easy. They came here with a very specific mission and having a family would just get in the way so they often have very serious commitment issues or if they try to settle down it always seems to fail.
  4. Starseeds are Loners that often avoid human interaction because they are trying to avoid our Karmic Cycle. If they become too much like a Human and interact with too many people too closely they can get trapped in the never-ending Karmic Cycle that can take many lifetimes to get out of.
  5. Starseeds often have difficult births when they do have children. They have never experienced birth like this before and “Test Tube Babies” may be the way to go in their home planet so pregnancy & childbirth may be new and very uncomfortable to them. They often end up having c-sections too!
  6. They sometimes seem very cold & distant to other people and just have a whole different energy that some people don’t know how to react to. They aren’t “bad people” and don’t mean anything by it but they love their distance.
  7. Some Starseeds are here specifically to study Sex & Reproduction and therefore may be very sexual much earlier in life than most people and might try risky or experimental sexual behaviors earlier in life but later on after they have it figured out they seem to lose all desire for sex. It’s kinda like getting a new toy.. the intrest fades over time.
  8. They just can not handle violence and low vibe behavior so they are often really calm and it takes a lot to get a blow up out of them. Funny thing is, they will generally tolerate you mistreating them but if they see you mistreat an animal, a child, or anyone who is weaker they will come out swinging.
  9. Very science-minded and curious about everything. This child-like curiosity never goes away and as they get older they make a point to answer their own questions.
  10. They are very drawn to Energy Work. They make some of the best natural Healers and once they focus on the process they can often be more sensitive to actually feeling energy. For example they may actually be able to feel problem areas on people they are healing.
  11. Many report that that they have a little ship following them through life or that that they dream about visiting the ship every so often.

There are a lot more signs of being a Starseed and we will get to them later on but these are the ones that a lot of people just don’t think about and associate with being a Starseed on a mission.

Can you think of any more? I’d love to see what you have to add to the list! Go ahead and hit the reply to list some signs you know!


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