Why Your Music May Be Controlling Your Life- You may be Shocked to Realize this!

Music Is Full Of Energy!

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this and it probably won’t be the last but I wanted to do an article about it on this new website too because this is important information that people may not be aware of.

If you consider yourself to be an Empath or a Sensitive this may affect you a lot more but at some level it affects all of us.

Who doesn’t love listening to music? I know I love my music- the louder the better! And of course you do too! Music is something our mind & body craves because we respond to the beats & tones in the rhythm and the voices appeal to our emotions, right? Who hasn’t played out a fantasy in their mind to a song?

So, have you ever noticed how you react to certain songs? Do you recognize the emotions you feel when you listen to certain songs and how they affect your emotions, mood, mindset, or even how you feel physically? If not then start paying attention to this.

The Artist puts their emotion into the song in order to make it “with heart” or “with feeling” and if it’s a sad song you will probably feel sad listening to it or if it’s high energy you may feel your heart start to race just listening to it and worst of all, if it’s an angry song you may end up in a bad mood for no apparent reason after listening to it.

For many people, songs also trigger certain memories or emotions. For example, you might be in the car listening to the radio then you hear an old song that was “your song” when you were dating your ex so your mind shifts to that time period and those events so then you start thinking about what how you felt about them, what went wrong with that relationship and start feeling the emotions you felt at that time and boom! Your good mood is shot all to hell.

That just happens and subconsciously we know what happened but we just don’t use focused awareness of it and move on with our day not paying attention to how it affected us and why.

Now if you are an Empath or sensitive to Energy then we will take it to a whole other level because when the artist puts their emotion into that song we absorb it and feel it much deeper. A song really has that much power!

My Partner says that he actually feels nearly violent listening to Down With The Sickness by Disturbed. He gets this strong urge to just get overexcited and blow up every time he hears it and I hate to say it but I have to be careful what kind of music I play around him because he is so sensitive to the more intense passionate emotions & energies in his music choices and not in a good way.

I personally like a wide range of music but I tend to stick with slow & sappy stuff from the 80’s of about all genres and music tends to make me mellow but I do notice that if I don’t remain aware of it I might change moods with songs and while I classified my Partner as feeling violent at a certain song, I would classify myself as feeling angry or upset after hearing certain songs because the Artist put so much real & raw energy into it and I am also prone to absorbing that emotion.

What Can You Do?

So, you don’t have to stop listening to your favorite tunes usually.. if something is just going to trigger something bad out of you then maybe avoid it until you get a grip on it like my Partner has to with that one song but but otherwise you can very quickly prepare for it before starting your playlist.

  1. Visualize a PINK BUBBLE of Light around you that absorbs into your body. Watch it slowly absorb into your skin and fill you up and when you finish just make note of the pretty Pink Glow surrounding your body.
  2. Make a mental note that you want to hear your songs but not live them energetically.
  3. Create balanced playlists so that if you listen to a song that triggers negative emotions the next song is much more positive.
  4. Wear your Crystals or keep them close by or Sage the room.
  5. The most important piece of advice I can give is to keep awareness of your emotions & energy and don’t fall into a negative mental scenario with the song.
  6. Stay active! If you have a high energy song cranking you can release that energy by staying busy. Clean, exercise, dance, etc.. keep your body moving to cycle it back out. Music & Rhythmic Movement go hand in hand and you will feel good to let that energy loose.

So many good days have been ruined by a good song and we never did put that connection together as to what went wrong with our mood so when you are aware it’s a very effective shield and you can enjoy your music without the after-effects.

Also, keep in mind that this affects your kids much more than it will affect you. They are still young and much more sensitive to energy so pay attention to how your kids act with music and see if there is a correlation with their moods & their music.

I like to listen to music when I shower or do my hair & makeup and when I took notice, my playlists were all my favorite songs from my teen years and that was a problem because it took me back to that time period energetically & subconsciously and I was a very different person back then, very unruly & bratty and I kind of regressed into that before I realized this.

When my kids were little they would literally avoid me when I did my hair & makeup because they knew I would get cranky. To this day my oldest daughter (who is a grown woman with 3 children of her own & lives an hour away) cringes to see me put makeup on, she associates me wearing eyeliner with my bad moods lol.

I never ever got violent with my kids or abused them in any way but they knew my moods would get dark & explosive and their normally “fun Mom” was gonna go bye bye for a while and it was all traced back to my songs.. hmm.. isn’t that something!

When you figure these things out only then can you heal and repair them and often it’s those tiny little things you would never think to think of.

There is also an even darker side to music which I will be exploring in an upcoming article that gives even more insight into why music can be very harmful to your mental health but it isn’t for the reasons you would ever imagine and it doesn’t have a thing to do with energy.

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