Tools that Activate Your Pineal Gland

First of all, there is a difference between an Activated Pineal Gland and a Functioning Pineal Gland. You will have to Activate the Pineal Gland before you can develop a Functioning Pineal Gland. Make sense?

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Now that we have that explained, let’s talk about how to activate that Third Eye so you can see things a bit more clearly. There are many people out there who already have activated glands and aren’t even aware of it so let’s talk about that real quick.


Signs of an Activated Pineal Gland

  • Your forehead tingles or has a pressure right in the center sometimes. There may be sharp pains sometimes or you might feel a vibration in your brain. Personally, I feel tingles in the shape of the outline of a huge eye. There have been times where it felt like an invisible unicorn horn sticking out of my head, this usually happens when I am waking up.
  • Dreams become very real and very different than they have been previously and if you pay attention, they may become prophetic. You may have Astral experiences or visits with Deceased Loved Ones that feel much more real than a dream.
  • You may start seeing flashes out the corner of your eyes, hear voices but nobody is there, smell things without explanation, or just know things you have no way of explaining how you knew.
  • Colors look different. I remember being fascinated at the colors of the sky & nature, you start seeing a bit broader spectrum of colors especially within Earth & the Sky.
  • Synchronicity goes full scale. You may see numbers, patterns, colors, or hear words or phrases over & over. These are messages from your Guides & Angels trying to guide you. It can be frustrating at first to figure them out but relax, in time it becomes pretty clear.
  • You crave natural foods. You don’t have to give up anything because you actually want to go natural.
  • You start waking up around 3:00 am every night. This is a clear-cut sign that the Universe is waking you up.
  • Intuition is sharp and you can see through lies & drama like never before. Speaking of drama you develop a big distaste for it and start avoiding it at all costs. Even the biggest Drama Queens & Kings suddenly can’t tolerate it.

Okay so this is just a short list but you get the idea. I will make a more complete list later on but if you are experiencing most of these things then you are already Activated.

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So What Tools Can Help You Activate?

These tools are great ways to activate your Pineal Gland and start the process to get it fully opened & functioning.

  • Crystals– Placing Crystals on your forehead while you sleep, nap, or meditate is a big help.
  • Meditation itself is a good tool. It helps you get into the right vibration for your gland to start activating or functioning.
  • Sunlight is another great tool. I don’t recommend Sungazing without proper instruction because you can really harm your eyesight (like I did!) but just being in direct sunlight helps. If you want to practice Sungazing I suggest trying candle gazing instead for a safer alternative.
  • Pendulum– I find it very helpful to use the Pendulum to clear the Chakra areas, especially over the Crown & Third Eye Chakras.
  • Listen to Theta, Beta & Alpha sounds. You can find a great variety of them on YouTube. This is my favorite Channel, check them out!
  • INFORMATION– This is the big one, start researching the topics you are led to. Read books & articles, watch movies, communicate with people who are experiencing the same things. If you don’t want your knowledge jaded by the opinions of others you can skip this one but very few go this route. I research constantly and the information is pretty much the same from nearly everyone.
  • Ask. You can simply pray or ask your Spirit Team, your Creator, Guides, etc.. to help you activate. You won’t activate or start functioning until you are actually ready so there are no worries about getting into something you aren’t ready for but if on the off chance that does happen all you have to do is again.. ask your Spirit Team for assistance.
  • Your own Vibration is your most powerful & valuable tool. If you are angry and negative or stressed out a lot you are going to have problems with the process so you may need to work on yourself first. Happiness, Humor, Gratitude, Empathy, LOVE, and other positive emotions raise your vibes instantly. Find ways to raise your Base Line Vibration and this will be your biggest asset.
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Okay so.. on a personal note, the “little man” & I are going to take the day off today and run off to a fancy local hotel for some time alone. My oldest daughter is going to take my Mom for the night and we need to destress for a minute so the plan is to spend the next 24 hours soaking in a Hot Tub or just laying back on that big King sized bed just being friends for a little while.

It’s not a romantic trip at all, it’s about just being good friends and we do this occasionally because everyone needs time off sometimes and you don’t have to drive 200 miles to take a mini-vacation & unwind. I always come back revived and ready to get things done. I am going to start working on some bigger projects when we get back tomorrow and maybe even start putting together some of those mini-programs I have been promising.

We took my office door down to replace it – over a month ago-and I have been impatiently waiting for him to put the new one up so I can start recording which is what the big hold-up is so maybe I can get him on the ball and get this started after we get back. It has occurred to me that if I start doing it myself he is sure to take over! lol…

Have a wonderful day Soul Family.. stay safe and do what brings you peace & don’t forget to allow yourself to experience LOVE today.

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