Should A 40 year Old Really Have Pink & Purple Hair? Yes!

So many of us are having fun with the unnatural hair colors right now but is it mentally healthy? Yes it is! Women & men both are doing some very creative things with their hair right now since it’s become wildly popular to go for it and pick out some glowing colors.

As I sit here I have 5 bottles of color on my desk and I’m trying to decide how I can use a little of all of them and without going to far with it.. as if that’s possible…

I have the following colors and my hair is freshly lightened and ready to go on this latest round.

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

I try to stick with “mermaid” colors (like the picture above) but I wanted something a bit bolder this time and they arrived today and I thought this would be an excellent time to write a little article on this and and discuss this popular new trend and the benefits to giving it a try.

Have you noticed that it’s really popular among Spiritually Awakened or Aware people to try out the fun colors? Of course there are plenty of non-spiritual people doing it too but when it first started a lot of my Spiritual friends suddenly had colorful hair, mainly purple and it grew from there.

I get so many compliments when I wear mine colored and I get asked to do people’s hair all the time but once they see how easy it is they do it themselves after I show them and I have seen some beautiful hair because people can get very creative.

People who are Starseeds, Earth Angels, Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Galactic Federation Volunteers, and Samplers seem to be sporting some beautiful hair and the reason is, on some of their Home Planets and Dimensions they are used to having different colored hair, skin, etc… and having blue or purple hair usually feels very comfortable to them.

On the issue of Humanity, it’s one of those “sure, why not?” things. It harms nobody and people are fascinated by it and strangers do compliment on it so it’s a great boost to the self-confidence to have a complete stranger tell you that you have beautiful hair.

If you are a shy person it can give you more confidence and make you feel more youthful & confident and as we know, looks are not as important as how you feel and this bold move does make you feel younger, sexier, and more creative. Nothing wrong with that! Most people who give it a try like to start experimenting with different colors and new styles because it triggers a very creative spark within. The soul loves it!

I do have a few color tips!

  • Use temp or semi-permanent colors such as Lime Crime, Punky, Joico , Arctic Fox, or Manic Panic. They are very easy on the hair and actually soften it plus depending on how often you wash it & how you take care of it, the color may last months or you can change it weekly. These brands are also safe for babies & pets so they are very gentle but very effective & all natural & cruelty free!
  • Depending on the color you may need to bleach your hair first to get your favorite color but some will be okay on naturally dark hair. For dark hair reds, blues, greens, & purples are a good choice. Look at the Reviews and see what other people are saying before you choose what color to go with. I lighten to levels 8-9 and you need at least this level to go Pink or Orange. Read the instructions and if your hair isn’t lightened you can expect a beautiful color overcast in sunlight.
  • The best job I ever did was by just smearing random colors all over my head and smearing them it without even trying to do it right. It looked amazing! You seriously cannot screw it up and even if you do so what? It washes out!
  • I have never met anyone who got good results from the harsh permanent colors. For example Got2b Metallics Amethyst & Blue both turned my hair a yucky disappointing brown. As you know, I am a Vine Voice Member so I am a very serious product reviewer and I’ve tried them all, it’s my job to know what works and what doesn’t.
  • You can mix color with white conditioner to lighten the color and get more for your money. It doesn’t take a lot- I use about 1 tbsp of color per 1/2 cup conditioner. The brands above that I recommended are safe enough to leave on overnight to get a good deep lasting color.
  • Some people prefer to go to salons and pay a lot of money but once you try doing it yourself you will be hooked.

This is something that’s catching on to all ages and personality types and it’s fun to experiment in a healthy way. I’m 44 year old with 3 grandchildren & in a committed long term relationship and I do it as my little treat to me.

Have you tried any unnatural colors yet? What worked best for you?

The whole point is feeling good about yourself especially after you experience your Life Reset and this is just one of the many safe & harmless things you can do to upgrade your feelings about you & it’s just one of the many many things you can do to feel good about you. Once you Reset your life you must make your overall well-being a priority and doing wonderful things for yourself will raise your vibes like crazy!

So I will let you all know tomorrow how this ended up for me. I want to do it myself and get it done tonight but he wants to help me and he’s already in bed *sigh*. He loves doing my hair so that is a good thing, a way to spend time together and allow him to express some creativity too. You might be surprised at how many of us are getting our hair colored by our Partners and yes men can be very creative too. Mine says that he likes creating my next look and when I get compliments he does too because it’s his work of art on my head lol.

Check out the Color Product I recommend the most!


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