What Is Your Secret Weapon Against A Stagnant Life? Life Purpose Lesson One + Bonus…

Lesson One:

This is a quick but powerful Condensed Mini Lesson on Life Purpose. It’s designed to give you a little bit of clarity, focus, and self-evaluation on the things that can keep you on track towards your Life Purpose and spark ideas on how to get started. Use the included Worksheet to help yourself plan realistic steps towards the End Goal.


Lesson 1.1

If you are feeling like you are at a standstill with life there are options available to you with lots of incentives but you have to be willing to mentally take charge and make things happen for yourself and receive what is rightfully yours.

I hear it so often, “I want to serve my Life Purpose but I can’t because…” but understanding that losing this mentality is the beginning of many wonderful things to come and this is where you need to have your Mindset focused because you have to be willing to take those first steps and keep moving forward and out of your Comfort Zone to make your Soul Dreams a Physical Reality but you cannot skip steps!

As safe & secure as your Comfort Zone feels it is not a place you should stay for long periods of time because it prevents Soul Growth and limits your ability to reach & maintain your Life Purpose.

Check it out!

Most of the time it’s not easy to just decide to make a new life doing something meaningful that you love, it is something that you must learn & earn throughout life based on your experiences and then gradually make the magic happen step by step.

To grow into your Purpose you need to start at the Root Source of your Plan and work your way up from there. If you are working towards something your life will never be boring or feel empty & shallow.

Not everyone is meant to be a Motivational Speaker but there are many other ways to make your impact and get your message out to the world and if you think that you can’t make a difference on Humanity by just being you & living your life by example then you need to lose that mentality to progress.

Getting Started

Let’s look at your Anxieties and the Root Cause Problems behind them. What do you really long to do on a Soul Level but don’t have the courage to do it, or think you don’t have the means to do it?

  1. I want to__________________________

So that isn’t going to be fast & easy to achieve based on your current life so what can you do? First you will start at the Root & answer these questions.

  • Why do you have a passion for this? _________________
  • When did it begin? ______________
  • What is your Goal Impact? ______________
  • How can you make the most impact with what you have today? __________
  • Who can you count on as a resource towards making your Goal happen? ______

Starting from Point A and thinking that you have to go directly to Point Z is the biggest problem because people focus directly on the end result and end up mentally & physically trying to skip the entire process and that is the direct cause of failure or inability to make things happen because it’s so overwhelming.

We as Humans are End Result Focused and we tend to think too big and expect end results right now. If you have the Determination, Focus & Clarity to see the Whole Picture, not just the Big Picture you can make some serious stuff happen!

Example Situation: You want to start an Animal Sanctuary for Stray & Abused Animals:

Root Cause Problem + Effect

You saw a stray kitten abused & killed by older teenagers as a child and it impacted you greatly and from that moment on you have always showed extra kindness to homeless & abused animals throughout your life. You have a deep desire to start an Animal Sanctuary but don’t have the money & live in an apartment in a city.

Don’t look ahead too far & focus on the end result! You can’t get from Point A to Point Z without step B,C,D,E.. Look at how you can assist stray pets right now-Today. Once you establish that step then you can move on to the next step. You can’t resolve the roadblocks when you try to skip steps in the process. It might feel like an unreachable goal right now to open a Sanctuary but it will be reachable when you are at step Y of your A-Z Goal.

So here is your first LifePath Reset Program© assignment. I have uploaded a Printout for you to use & reflect on. After you read this article you can download & print the accompanying worksheet and create your MPoA for achieving your Life Purpose. This simple little exercise is a valuable tool that helps you create action outside your comfort zone.

Keep an eye out for Future Mini Lessons & Mini Workshops!


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