17 Signs Of A Psychic Attack & How To Heal

Think you might be under a Psychic Attack?

A psychic Attack happens when someone uses Negative Energy against you out of anger jealousy or other negative emotions. Sometimes these attacks are intentional and sometimes they are accidental, meaning that the person directs negativity towards you but doesn’t mean to cause long term harm.

If someone doesn’t understand the power of Negative Energy they may unintentionally cause harmful consequences to the person they direct their anger at without even knowing it. If you are aware of what a Psychic Attack is, be careful with your negative feelings because Intention plays a big role in Psychic Attacks.

If you think that someone has intentionally tried to harm you with a psychic attack there are things you can do. You can Mirror the attack and send it back to them so that they can experience their own attack Tenfold.

Also remember that Karma is a tricky thing, if you direct a Psychic Attack towards someone close enough to you the effects may ripple right back to you. If you get mad at your Partner and send them Negative Energy don’t you think their bad luck may affect your life too?

Signs of an Attack

  • Headaches– you may get headaches that come & go or they may be constant. They are often “Banding” headaches.
  • Pain– You may experience physical pain in your body with no explanation.
  • Weakness– You may feel weakness in your body, commonly in your arms & legs but sometimes it may be in your neck.
  • Lethargic– You just cannot get woke up and moving no matter how hard you try or how much sleep you get. You feel lethargic from the moment you wake and it just doesn’t go away. This may last for long periods of time.
  • Nightmares– You may start having Nightmares and you may even see your Attacker in your nightmares.
  • Mental Fatigue– You feel like it just exhausts you to even think and you can’t seem to muster up the energy to get your thoughts together. People commonly feel like their brain is “made of mud.
  • Visions of your Attacker – You may see visions or flashes of your Attacker either awake or sleep. You might be in Meditation and keep having images of your attacker that you can’t get out of your head.
  • Feelings of doubt-  You start doubting everything you do and have very little confidence in yourself.
  • Loss of Abilities– If you have psychic abilities you might lose your abilities for a while.
  • Suicidal– You may feel suicidal out of nowhere for no apparent reason. Always get help if you are feeling Suicidal!! This is a symptom of a more severe attack or an onset of Mental Illness and cannot be ignored.
  • Chronic Depression– You suddenly develop severe depression with no apparent cause.
  • Diminished Aura– Your Aura may become weak, change color, or become “leaky”.
  • Mental Confusion– You experience mental confusion which is slightly different than mental fatigue. Mental confusion is not having not having clouded thoughts, but rather just being confused or forgetful. Nothing seems to make sense to you.
  • Irritability– This can range from being a bit cranky to being downright furious in ways that are out of character.
  • Dizziness– You can become dizzy and nauseous at times with no apparent reason.
  • Loss of energy– You are just drained and may not feel like getting out of bed or start taking naps or suddenly become very lazy.
  • Last but not leastBad things keep happening to you over & over! It’s like lady luck has just decided to make you her personal bitch! There seems to be no end in sight to the bad luck streak you are having.

If you think you have been the Victim of a Psychic Attack, you can help yourself.

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Visualize yourself standing behind a large mirror surrounded by a White or Pink Bubble of Protection and your Attacker is on the other side sending negative energy at you. Visualize that energy bouncing off the mirror and going back to them. Don’t waste time, do this immediately.

Don’t worry about causing anyone unnecessary bad karma because if they have not sent Negative Energy your way then nothing bad will happen. Only use the visual of the person if you are 100% sure they are the Attacker but if you don’t know who it was or you are uncomfortable with using a specific person then there is another option, the faceless person.

If you don’t know who attacked you, you can try to use a faceless person or Intuition as to who it could have been. No matter how to visualize this person, the Universe knows where to return the energy to even if you don’t.

We have to be very careful about what kind of energy we put out into the world because it can harm others or come back to harm ourselves. If someone cuts you off in traffic and you get angry and wish them bad luck, it can bite you in your own ass to be blunt.

Getting jealous of someone or angry and intentionally sending them bad vibes is worse than accidentally sending negative thoughts out of anger by accident. You need to be very conscious of what you do energetically because Karma is a very real thing.

What can I do if I have accidently sent someone Negative energy and caused a Psychic Attack on them…

If you did this, correct the situation and send them concentrated good Healing Energy to reverse what you did. You may even want to tell them what you did and work with them in making it right. If this is not an option, work on their recovery yourself. I suggest using Purple Healing Light for this type of Healing.

If you don’t make things right and it comes back to you, it will be Tenfold. People who intentionally cause these attacks pay much more than those who do it by accidental bad feelings. You can’t hide your thoughts & feelings from the Universe.

As far as casting Spells goes, which is not much different than sending Bad thoughts to someone, Light Beings should never dabble in Dark Methods. If you are in the Light you should always stay out of the Dark.

I admit I did it once..

I admit I sent an Intentional Psychic Attack on someone once a few years ago before I understood exactly what would happen and what a Psychic Attack meant. It was a venomous attack against someone who did me and someone I cared about very wrong. Everyone who knew the situation agreed that he was the bad guy in the deal and if I took the time to tell it, you would agree too that he was downright dirty in the whole deal, but what I did in return was unforgivable and I created a karmic debt that had to be repaid.

It really took months to recover from it, but it was a lesson I had to learn. I can’t even say that I have fully recovered from it to this day, but I know that it was caused by my own actions. The person I directed it towards had a bad day that day and when I heard about it I was pretty smug, but I wasn’t laughing for long.. trust that. I accidently started my Dark Night by attacking someone and I paid dearly.

The person I directed my anger at has surely never heard of a Psychic Attack and I would bet anything I have that he doesn’t even believe in Spirituality, God, a Higher Power, etc.. he is a very crooked person to anyone he encounters and is well known for how he is. He did not Mirror it back to me, The Universe did. He might have been a not-so-nice person, but nobody deserves a psychic attack.

There is just never a Justification for sending someone Negative Energy.. None.. The consequences are never worth it for anyone involved.

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