DIY Remedies From Mother Nature: Yeast Infection Treatment

Okay Ladies.. yep I said it, The Dreaded Yeast Infection..

Just thinking about it is making me want to hop around the room but I found a way to stop it it the very first signs.

Back when I created this, it was something I threw together in a pinch.. I’m sure this concoction exists somewhere but I didn’t even own a computer at the time I created it, in fact, it was during a very hard time in my life, right in the middle of my Dark Night when I lost everything I had.

I was flat broke, had no healthcare, I was living with my Mom, and of course I developed a Yeast Infection… of course. I am lucky that I am not prone to Yeast Infections usually unless I am taking antibiotics but of course it does happen every once in a great while. So I remembered a few things that are thought to cure Yeast Infections and mixed them together and it worked great!

I told my daughters and every female I knew about it lol.. it works better and faster than most major medicines.

Get a container, a baby wipe box is ideal, and some sturdy paper towels.

  • 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Teabag
  • 1 Garlic Clove- cut in pieces
  • 6 drops Tea Tree Oil

Put your Vinegar, Tea bag, & Garlic Clove bits in a pan and heat until boiled. Remove the teabag and strain the garlic bits out. Do not dilute with water!

Add the Tea Tree Oil

allow to cool

Fold up your Paper Towels and place them in your container.

Pour the mixture onto the towels and keep airtight.

Anytime you use the restroom, wipe with these pre-moistened towelettes. You can use as often as you like until the infection is gone.

Yeast Infection is stopped in it’s tracks!

While I admit it doesn’t smell the greatest when first applied, it stops the infection immediately – much faster than any traditional OTC meds. It soothes the itch & burn ultra fast. Yeast Infections simply cannot grow when exposed to this mixture and not only can it not grow, it cannot survive once exposed. The only downside is, if you have already developed a UTI you will still need to seek medical treatment for that.

The relief is instant and the infection is usually cleared up in a day or less and it works from the first signs all the way to a raging inferno of itch & burn.

This also works for Jock itch, Athlete’s foot, and other fungal infections too! Our Mother Earth will always provide what we need.

You’re Welcome!

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