Dumb Feast- Have Dinner With Your Ancestors & Get Insight Into Your Soul Mission!

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Have you ever heard of a Dumb Feast? Here’s How To Do It.

First you will need to find out who is coming to dinner and what they liked to eat while they were among the living. If it was Grandma and she just passed a few years ago you might know exactly what she liked and bake her some brownies but if you want to go further back, here’s what you do.

Go into Meditation

Once you reach a meditative state you can ask your ancestors to have dinner with you and ask them what they liked. You might get answers right away or it may take a week of “clues” to get your answer so be patient! If suddenly think of Grapes, you will know someone wants some grapes. If you get a request for something you can’t obtain you can make a substitution.

If you don’t know exactly who wants to come, use your Intuition and you will figure out who your guests were. Dreams and meditation can be helpful in providing clues. I think giving it a week would be a fair amount of time to allow everyone to accept would be appropriate but if you want to do it all in one day that is fine too! It’s your Feast, get as simple or elaborate as you like.

On the day of your dinner make sure the house is looking and smelling good. Dress up as if you are having VIP Guests because you are. Decorate the house, put up some candles or get out the Essential Oils. Your Guests will leave you clues if they want something special.

You can do this on your own, or with the entire family, or with a group of friends. How about getting a few friends together and take turns attending each others Dumb Feasts and helping each other receive messages and interpret clues?


Once your list is complete

Prepare your feast and set other plates at the table. Say a blessing and thank those who are attending and make sure you sample a little of everything you have cooked. While your Guests won’t likely really eat of course, they will enjoy the atmosphere and company of the dinner and you will likely be highly sensitive to psychic communication at this time. You will also have ancestral and past life dreams for days after the dinner.

The process might sound silly or funny to think about, but the results are serious. These dinners are well known for attracting the right kind of Spirits to you so you can learn about yourself, your past lives, your physical and your soul family.

It’s totally acceptable to ask them to meet with you in the Astral Plane while you are in a dream so you can meet them or learn about them or yourself.

After the dinner is over, blow out the candles and Thank them for coming. If you don’t excuse them Goodbye they might hang around for a while so it’s very important to let them know when it’s time to go back “home”.

You will probably get lots of messages and signs for several days in the form of visions, dreams, smells, signs, and more.

And here is the fun part!

You can also connect with Spirit Animals using the leftovers from your Dumb Feast. When you have finished your meal, take the scraps outside and leave them in the wilderness for the animals.

Your Spirit Animals from your lives that are able to feast will come and eat the scraps. If your Spirit Animal in this life is an Elephant and you live in Kentucky, you might not be able to get that one of those to come in the physical, but others from other times will.

If you can put the food in a spot to observe it or put up a trail camera to watch the action it will really be enjoyable and rewarding for you to see your gift being happily accepted by a hungry animal that was connected to you from the Past.


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