The 6 Different Types Of Energy Vampires

Today we are talking about Vampires but not the sexy glittery kind. We are talking about the kind that really will drain the Life Energy out of you.

Yep, there are more than one kind and they are everywhere!

Nobody wants to be around them and nobody wants to be one, but you have to be aware of what they are so you can avoid connecting with them and avoid being one of them. I have created a pretty comprehensive list of Energy Vampire types and signs, look this over and see what qualities you recognize in those around you and in yourself. I think we all have tendencies to fall into any of these categories at times but if you recognize it and remain aware of it you can avoid it.

Energy Vampire Types

The Victim

The Innocent

The Dominator

The Narcissist 

The Melodramatic

The Judgmental

Now, look through the next section to see if any of these relate to you and the people in your life.

The Victim-

  • They thrive on making others feel guilty
  • They cannot accept blame
  • They are never at fault because someone else is always the real problem
  • They will manipulate situations to make themselves a “Victim” every chance they get.

They feed on love, acceptance, support, & pity

The Innocent-

  • These vampires really are innocent and can’t help it. They don’t mean harm but it can’t be avoided.
  • They rely on you to meet their every need
  • They are often our Children, Sick, Elderly, Pets, have Chronic Conditions, Mentally ill..
  • They sometimes take advantage without meaning to but they are dependent on us so they really can’t help it.

This might sound cold but in cases where someone starts to rely on you too much you can prevent them from draining you by:

Avoiding eye contact, limiting time with them, don’t argue with them, you ask for assistance from another person (an example would be if the vampire is a sick child who is being extra clingy you can call in the other parent to take a turn), visualize a shield around yourself.

Be careful when it comes to these kind of Vampires because they really do need and count on you and you often can’t just walk away, but you can protect yourself without being cold-hearted.

The Dominator

  • These people are Alpha Types
  • They are insecure
  • They are often arrogant
  • They belittle or look down on others who they see as “beneath them”
  • The are secretly terrified of being dominated
  • Often have “overbearing” personalities

Don’t look them in the eye, don’t argue with them, don’t give them opinions, and talk as little as possible. They will try to bait you and while it’s sometimes frustrating to do, ignore it. They can’t drain your energy if you don’t give them any. Of course, avoiding them is the only way to stop them but when you do have contact and they start this behavior you can fight back in a more productive way. Humor, silliness, & positivity will drive them up a wall and they will get mad and retreat. When you don’t give them the authority they need they will get away from you fast as they can because once they see that they cannot dominate you they will have no use for you. Do not let them anger you and do not let them feel they are in control of you.

The Narcissist

  • The need to always be “first”, “right”, “most important”, “special”
  • They have an overbearing presence
  • Very strong offensive or intimidating energy
  • Sometimes abusive
  • They need their Ego fed
  • They get hurt easily
  • They feel they are far more superior than others
  • Argumentative
  • They are usually “big mean babies
  • They can be very charming until they have you hooked. Then they will dominate and control you, sometimes with mental or physical cruelty.

We all know about Narcissists but still so many people fall victim to them because they can be very charming on the outside. Many abusive Narcissists appear like the perfect spouse or friend to outsiders but can be a very different person behind closed doors and they are very controlling and can be hard to get away from.

Because they are so good at hiding themselves for who they really are, they can usually find victims quite easily so anyone who falls prey to one should never blame themselves because they are usually damn good at hiding who they really are. To protect yourself, don’t give them praise, loyalty, or feed their Ego.

Avoid contact as much as possible and when they start demanding the special attention they require do not give it to them. Withholding love often hurts them terribly.

The Melodramatic

  • They love Drama
  • They create drama if they can’t find it
  • They feel extremely important
  • They LOVE being a Victim
  • They avoid serious issues and will create diversion if necessary to avoid it.
  • They are often nervous and afraid of getting caught having to admit anything.
  • They lie a lot and they often believe their own lies after some time.

Don’t get caught up in their drama and gossip. They will always drag you down and it really is true that those who gossip with you will gossip about you. When you tell them point blank that you don’t want to be involved they often act hurt and don’t know how to react because they don’t know any other way to “be’ because without the drama they are nothing. Avoid listening, reacting or responding when the drama starts often solves the problem. If they decide to target you confrontation is what they fear most and they will crawl into their hole rather than face you. Don’t give them anything to use against you because they will use it without hesitation.

The Judgmental

  • They pick on people
  • High self worth
  • They look for anything you might be insecure about to use against you.
  • Arrogant to those beneath them
  • They will often exclude groups of people
  • Don’t like those who are not in their self-defined group
  • May be racist, sexist, homophobic..

They are always on the lookout for something to not like about you and to use against you but they can sometimes be quite subtle about it. They sometimes use quick-witted sarcastic humor against you, and will put you down to your face, in the form of a “joke” and if this “joke” offends you, they will put you down for that too. Avoid them of course but to run them off just mimic their actions and don’t let them get the upper hand by seeing that they have offended you because that is exactly what they want.

One fact to remember

Anyone can be a Psychic Vampire and that includes you, your partner, and even your kids. When you are with the people closest to you, you are in greater danger of an attack than in public with a stranger because people are much more likely to have a negative energy exchange with those closest to them.

No stranger can hurt your feelings more than someone you love, right? 

Being around an Energy Vampire is exhausting and can leave you with the following symptoms.

  • Lethargic
  • Irritable
  • Restless but low energy
  • Depressed
  • Low Quality Sleep

If you are encountering an Energy Vampire and develop these symptoms there is something you can do. For one, remove them from your life- clearly the number one thing to do but if you need a quick Healing from the encounter you can take a hot bath with the following mixture:

  • 1/8-1/4 cup Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
  • 4 drops lavender Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Orange or Lemon Essential oil
  • throw a few Crystals in and SOAK

Then before you leave the tub visualize a Bubble of Purple Healing Light around you then go to bed and wake up refreshed.

This is only a temporary fix though, if you have someone in your life regularly who is eating away at your Life Energy then there will need to be changes that offer a more permanent solution. You just have to ask yourself “Is it really worth it to me to keep this person in my life?”

Your life is given to you and we all only have the right to control our own lives so if someone else is controlling yours it’s clearly time to evaluate the next part of your life. If you are the one who is controlling you might want to try to understand the consequences of your actions.

(originally written in 2018 -copied from my old Blog)

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