Are You A Walk-in Soul? Why This Is So Important To Know!

Over the weekend I have been moving some of my older stuff from a previous blog into my current website so I can close the old one out and it’s been a while since I have focused on talking about Soul Types because I now focus more on issues involving Humanity rather than Soul Origins but I found a link to a video that just got my head spinning to write so here we go lol.. but I promise that It all runs in sync with Life Coaching Topics and I will explain why..

Walk-in Souls often end up being labeled as Reincarnation Souls and there can be very similar characteristics but there is a big difference, Walk-In’s start manifesting “Symptoms” after an accident, illness, NDE, or even occasionally after an unusually long period of sleep.

This happens because the new Soul needs time to get over the shock of being back inside the Human Body and the body must rest while the process takes place and the Body must be shut down, sometimes it will shut down entirely & Reset with for the new Soul to acclimate.

So let’s go backwards a moment, Why does this happen? What is the purpose of a Soul “taking over” for another Soul? Does it happen randomly like someone kicks “you” out of your own body?

Let me ask you this just for example, Have you ever bought a big gift box of chocolate candies like for Valentine’s Day only because you liked that one specific type? Maybe you figured that the rest of your family can eat the rest but you want that one specific candy that you can’t get anywhere else.

Okay so with that logic, think about a Soul who just wants to sample life as a Mexican Teen because this specific teen will experience something profound that this Soul needs to experience so once this all takes place the Soul has fulfilled it’s mission and life from this point out is “extra credit”.

This is where the Soul has the opportunity to go back Home or continue with this script and if they really just don’t want to be here anymore and their Guides confirm, okay this is really all we needed to do, then an exchange is planned or it could have been pre-planned but either way, another Soul will step in and take over and the Human brain usually doesn’t ever become aware of it because our memories are encoded in our Cell DNA and the new Soul will be able to read that.

The second scenario is that a Soul becomes miserable with life and attempts suicide so the Souls will switch out at some point within the attempt and the body recovers. The Traumatized Soul goes Home to Heal and may end up either reincarnating or becomes a Walk-In themselves at some later point in time.

There are many many more Souls than there are Human Bodies available so everyone has to take a turn and it may take thousands of years to get your place in line again or it may happen quickly in some cases. If we have to pinpoint a time in which Souls reincarnate it’s on the average of 100-200 years. apx. based on what we know right now.. which isn’t a whole lot lol.

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The Signs

If you can say yes to half or more of these questions there are pretty good odds that you are a walk-in.

  • You have had an experience where your body was shut down or slowed down for an extended period of time. NDE’s, Sicknesses, Injuries, Comas, Surgeries, a long bought of excessive sleep (like for 24 hours+)
  • Suddenly out of nowhere you just feel different, like a new person with new likes, dislikes, styles, hobbies, jobs, etc..
  • You have strange unexplained memories but know that they didn’t happen in this life but you know they are real. These memories may be in the form of dreams.
  • New people will come into your life after this exchange. You have the same body but you are a different Soul with different Soul Contracts & Karmic Obligations.
  • Develop new talents out of nowhere. Maybe you had no clue that you could play the drums like a rock star..
  • You may suddenly become Spiritual or Spiritually Awakened.
  • Suddenly your life and the people in it just don’t make sense to you and relationships suddenly become easy to walk away from.
  • Speaking in a different language or an intense desire to learn a specific language.
  • Some people just remember it or just know.

Why This Is Important To Know

I have spoken with many people who believe that they are walk-in’s and many have had the same shared experience that I have never seen written about before but I picked up on it and think it’s worth mentioning.

People who tend to identify as a Walk-in will have the memory of at some point in life being fascinated with their hands. You know how when a baby discovers their own hands they will stare in amazement? It’s like that! I’ve heard of this phenom happening to people as children, teens, and grown adults alike.

I remember it myself very clearly when I was 6 years old and I remember thinking “I can’t believe this, I’m here.. I’m really here..” and someone else told me that they were thinking about how amazing it was that they had thumbs.. “how convenient they were going to be“, and this person had this experience at 17 years old.

My experience happened after I woke from surgery (T&A, routine) and my friend had his experience after sleeping non-stop all weekend with the Flu.

If you have had a similar experience like this I’d love to hear from you. People are too embarrassed to mention these little details but often the little details are where the big information’s really at.

This is all just one variation of Walk-In’s and yes there are other ways it can happen, Split Souls for example is a similar process with a big difference, the original Soul doesn’t leave but rather the 2 Souls share the one body but I’ll get into that later on.

So back to the whole reason that understanding as much as you can about this concept when you are involved in Spiritual Life Coaching as either a Client or Instructor-this is important because when a person is ready to Reset Their Life because getting to the root cause of the discomfort with their current life is crucial to making the Reset work smoothly.

If as a Coach, you are working with someone who is an “Undiagnosed Walk-In” it’s like a Doctor treating a Cancer Patient for in Ingrown Toenail and can’t figure out why the Cancer isn’t responding to the treatment. We need to work more on the Soul to help heal the Mind & Body and it starts with identifying the Soul.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you have ever hired a Coach and just didn’t get the results you had hoped for this may be why! Lives are not “one size fits all” and I compare it to our education system, it’s not even close to equal for all students.

This is why I give a complete Soul Evaluation to all potential Clients before I accept the Client because I need to know how to assist the Client properly and I strongly suggest that anyone who hires a 1-1 Coach to make sure that their Coach is familiar with your Soul Type Personality or is at least willing to familiarize with it in the process of your personal program. If not you might not be with the right Coach for you.

So finding this video below in an old article is what sparked this post and it’s a really great example of a Walk In that has been mislabeled as Reincarnation so I wanted to share it with my Readers. What do you think?

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