We’ve Misunderstood This All Along…

From The Heart…

One of the keys to healing is understanding and there is something very important that Humanity needs to understand but we have been getting it all wrong and more and more evidence is pointing us in the right direction. We need to understand the way things really work so we can fix many of our life problems and Heal properly so knowing this can be invaluable.

We know for a fact that our brain is where our thoughts process& we feel emotions, right?… Are you sure about that?

When you think and feel emotion you are on autopilot and don’t really put much thought into the process but what would you think if I told you that the Brain is actually the secondary function to forming a thought or feeling an emotion?

The fact is, the Heart is where it all starts and the Brain is just the secondary processor that puts the nerve endings into action but it gets even better than that, your Heart is also highly intuitive and knows what is about to happen seconds before it even happens and you can test this yourself.


How it works

So it’s pretty simple, our Heart is actually what first receives the information just before something happens because it’s very intuitive then it transmits to the Brain at a super high rate of speed so we don’t even realize that our actual feelings and information center starts in the heart but this is where the saying “from the Heart” comes from so people at some point in time did figure it out but over time we became focused on the brain.

If you pay close attention, you can feel the exchange in your chest and there is a way to prove this theory. You can hook up to a bunch of machines in a lab and be tested by looking at cards while scientists gauge your body’s reactions if you need to see scientific proof but if you don’t need all of that you can do this simple little test.

  • Gather up a few pictures, 4 pleasant & 1 unpleasant
  • Turn them around so you can’t see which is which & shuffle
  • Before you choose a picture pay attention to how you feel right in the center of your chest. Also closely pay attention to how your chest feels when you draw the unpleasant card.

If you remain aware and pay attention to your body you will see that you get a bit of pressure or some other sensation in your chest when you draw the unpleasant card, before you even see it. Think of a time when you received unpleasant news, it’s guaranteed that you got a sensation in your chest before your brain could begin to process it. It’s very quick and again, you must be aware of it to even feel it but it’s there.

By understanding how our body works we can be more in tune with maintaining it. So what does this change? Everything! Because over time our heart collects so much negativity & trauma it can age before it’s time in some people and they develop heart conditions due to stress.

Since your emotions are actually coming from the Heart as well, this is why you feel that deep crushing feeling in your chest when you receive bad news or are “heartbroken”. These negative energies collect in your heart area over time and put a lot of stress & negativity into the heart so this is very important to know when you are healing from trauma because stagnant bad energy lingers until it’s converted or cleared.

As a preventative measure for your body & soul both it’s a good idea to clear your Heart Chakra daily because stress & toxic surroundings are collecting in your heart and there are other reasons as well that will take a whole article to cover and when I get it finished I will link it to this one.

In the meantime, keep clearing your Heart Chakra and if you happen to have an Orgone Necklace to wear over it please do, if not maybe check one out. I am a huge believer in the power of Orgone items and have recommended them for years because I myself use them & believe strongly in them.

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