Trauma Recovery Basics

I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone experiences Trauma in some degree in life and it leaves some sort of imprint on the individual that evolves and helps mold the person into a different type pf person naturally because who we are today is a product of our experiences, good or bad and this is just a natural part life for Human Beings but this doesn’t have to be the case and sometimes the trauma is so severe to a person that Recovery is a more intense process but it is very possible.

Some people who can’t cope with their trauma may try to self-medicate through Drugs, Alcohol, Food, Sex, Gambling, Religion, or other types of addictions for two main reasons

  1. So they can have something different to focus their mind on that eases or eliminates the mental pain.
  2. So they can physically feel better and numbs or eliminates the mental pain.

Key Words: Eliminate Pain. Goal Action: Feel Better by any means.

What natural chemical produced by naturally by the body will do all of this for you even without unhealthy activities?


Dopamine is the chemical secretion that is responsible for pleasure and anyone who is feeling traumatized just wants to feel safe and normal & happy again and they want to feel like they did before the trauma and since they are in an extreme end of the spectrum they seek an extreme on the other side sometimes and that is where the trouble starts, they overestimate how much pleasure they need and overcompensate into abnormal and destructive behaviors, just to feel better for a while.

If you look at the list of addictions above you can see that they all have one common outcome- they all produce Dopamine and that is what the person is really getting addicted to. The feel good result of Dopamine producing activities is short-lived and once the “high point” is over the person starts craving it again immediately and this leads to addiction.

This goes for anyone including those who are already addicted to some form of substance or activity either one- there is a much healthier way to naturally produce more dopamine without excess, extremes, or addictions in steady long lasting levels and is actually healthy for you in Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Yoga is a healthy way too boost Dopamine, Serotonin and other feel good reactions in the mind & body and it’s easy to do no matter what your current mental & physical health is.

Yoga gets an unfair rep because people think it’s just a “woman’s activity” and it certainly is not. People also think it’s something they just can’t do because they are out of shape or don’t understand the process.

Even to just look at giving it a short try for 1 week at 15 minutes per day of some of the most basic moves along with Meditation will very quickly make you feel like a brand new person.

It won’t solve all of your problems and usually it doesn’t heal your trauma entirely but it will change your life- for the better if you give it a fair chance because it can make you feel good again and you will grow to get those same benefits of the “bad stuff” without anything harmful at all and in a healthy way.

This is not something I read- (I have a rule to never research any article I write- my material is always original) it’s something I lived and I can attest to the Healing Powers of Yoga because I have survived Trauma myself.

I survived something pretty bad then something even worse happened within a year and it left me completely traumatized. I tried to feel better and my personal coping method was Percocet, lots & lots of Percocet and really I’m lucky to be alive today. Nobody taught me any of this, I learned it during my own Healing so I know how valuable this tool is.

In my opinion Yoga is a must for anyone battling addiction of any kind and not only that but it opens you up to a whole new life because your Chakras will get healthier & cleaner in the process and Yoga allows you Kundalini to open as well.

Through Yoga your Mind & Consciousness expand and you start seeing that your experiences in life are just that, experiences and they are not meant to define and mold you as a person in a negative way. The survival instinct is meant to kick in and you are meant to fully recover with knowledge & experience, not emotional scars & long term misery.

As for the physical benefits there are many and it’s not hard to do the standard yoga forms, pick 3 new ones to learn each week and just do the very best you can, nobody expects you to be an acrobat, I couldn’t even barely bend over & touch my knees let alone my toes when I started. As an added benefit I started recovery from brutal daily anxiety attacks so I strongly recommend it for anxiety as well.

People who are truly in the process of Healing are the ones who want to Heal from the Root Cause outward & leave their Comfort Zone like a champ.

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