My Personal Thoughts On Addiction

People who are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening often categorize themselves as “broken” in some form or another and addiction is involved a lot more than anyone realizes because most people don’t discuss their addictions publicly even though it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, & Big Alcohol made a point of getting a large portion of the population addicted to something or other for the following reasons.

  • Control. People in society who are addicted are easy to control because they will do what they have to to get their supply and this keeps us enslaved. This branches off into other areas & sub-categories such as sex, pedophilia, drug dealing, Satanism, etc… depending on how far down the Rabbit Hole you want to go..
  • Population Control. The Elite are obsessed with population control and we are losing our Loved Ones to addictions every day.
  • Money. There is a lot of money to be made from addictive substances.

Nobody ever intends to get addicted to anything but it happens and once you are in this situation it’s very hard to recover from. Two things can happen, you can recover & heal or you lose your health & potentially your life. People who are Empaths are often the most severely addicted because numbing emotions is very hard to do for them if they aren’t properly processing the Negative Energy they absorb.

This is a topic I know way too much about and before my personal Reset I was a “pill fiend”. My Spiritual Awakening saved my life because first my doctor took my pain pills away from me suddenly with no warning after 8 years of prescribing them and wrote that I was treated for addiction on my permanent chart. At the time I was livid because he did not treat me for addiction but at the same time, I knew he was trying to help me.

I bought pain pills for a while but they are damn expensive so that didn’t last long because this was the beginning of my Dark Night of The Soul. We lost everything we had that week, including out home & his job- our only income. it was rough for a minute but we made it. After about a year we were pretty well recovered but in that year I changed dramatically and never looked back.

To this day I am still in outpatient Treatment and attend 1-1 therapy each month. I don’t like the Groups my clinic offers because I don’t like living in the past and the Counselor is a likeable little old lady but she has a way of belittling people who she doesn’t agree with and I just don’t need that kind of energy in my life so I don’t attend. Nothing personal, I really like her as a person but I despise her style of “Healing”.

So there ya go, in the name of transparency I speak freely of my battle with addiction because I don’t want anyone to ever think that I don’t understand addiction or that I look down on anyone who is addicted because I have been there myself and I have not taken a narcotic pain pill in 4 years but I am lucky to be alive.

It’s common knowledge that Big Pharma did this to us and we took the bait but it’s not cliché’ to say that Recovery Is Possible because it IS possible, you just have to want it badly enough. I very seriously considered obtaining my Peer-Support Certification to be able to legally assist people with active addictions locally I have coached a few people on Addiction Recovery and enjoyed that line of work but I never did like being confined to just one area when Coaching.

Most everyone knows someone who has battled addiction or maybe has been addicted themselves, it comes in a variety of degrees and the addicted person can be functioning or non-functioning, I personally was non-functioning but now that I have changed my life I would never jeopardize what I have for that life again.

I lost my little brother to addiction about a year & 1/2 ago. He was clean for 12 years and had 1 single relapse and died. It happens to people every single day and collectively we need to support each other in Recovery and get out from under the form of CONTROL they put us under with their Chemical Remedies that end up making our lives worse rather than better.

My back is still bad, the same problems still exist and are getting worse with age but I use Energy, Color, & Sound Healing now and it works so much better than any Chemical Healing ever could have.

I have been working on a lot of material the past week, getting things finished up and I have some pretty special material to release this week. This is why I stopped writing for a few days and jumped on that and I have a special article on Addiction Recovery that I have been working on for a while that is ready to be edited so I am excited to finish that up.

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