Water Healing

First I want to explain the entire process then we will get into the actual procedure of Water Healing

Water is the single most important substance on earth. The water that we have today, every single drop of it has always been here and to sustain life it will always have to be here. Nature keeps it in a perpetual recycling system and by the time it falls back down from the sky you have pure water again.

If things within this water filtration system go wrong or water leaves the Earth and doesn’t return for some reason, life as we know it would be over and in fact, life would be over period.

Our own bodies are made of at least 70% water and maybe even more depending on your body. Our foods and drinks contain water and even bathing or swimming gives the body a chance to absorb more.

Water comes in 3 states, Liquid, Solid, & Gas and it’s cellular structure even contains Negative & Positive ends and opposite ends attract so it’s sort of like a magnetic process that helps the water particles cling together.

But water has a very significant property that is largely unknown about and that is that water absorbs the energy that it comes in contact with and “remembers” that energy indefinitely until that energy is converted… remember that energy never dies or ceases to exist, it either stays flowing or is converted from either positive to negative or vice versa and there is no exception for every single drop of water on the planet including the water that you drink.

It is actually theoretically accurate to say that the water you drink can determine your health. It’s proven that people who live in areas that have access to water that comes from pure mountains, especially mountains with lots of crystal, or water that originated from oceans that contain coral reefs have longer lives with less disease and this is strongly likely to the fact that the water has absorbed the energy of of nature.

If you live in a dirty crowded area with mechanically filtered water that contains chemical such as chlorine & fluoride then you are probably cooking, bathing and drinking negatively charged water and this may have negative health consequences.

As far as I know there is only one place on earth that has water that doesn’t have any contact or contamination by Humans. It has been scientifically proven through testing that people who drink the water from this location are happier & healthier and have expanded & calmer Auras.

Now with all of that in mind, we will move on to what I want to share with you. We must treat our water as Life that deserves love & respect and I’m willing to bet that 99.999% of the world has never given much thought to respecting their drinking water let alone taking the time to properly “charge” it with the proper energy.

Living water vs Dead water

If you look at frozen water through a powerful microscope that has run through a beautiful mountain stream you will see some amazing crystals that are similar to snowflakes and each is unique but if you do the same with water from a city or county water system you will see that the crystals are dark and withered and downright ugly looking. This is because the water itself has died or is near death.

This happens because the water has been processed without positive energy and actually collects & remembers the negativity it encounters from the area and the people in it.. Not to mention the contamination or pollution & chemical. Don’t believe me so far? look it up for yourself. I’ve spent many hours researching this and the information is out there.

Our Negativity & Pollution is actively killing our water and in fact Chlorine alone can kill it. It still does it’s job and rehydrates us but the positive benefits of Living Water are dying. In extremely poor water it can actually absorb your energy as it tries to recover and when your body processes the water and you urinate you send the water back out along with your life energy. This can lead to a shorter and less quality life span.

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So…. with all of this in mind here is what we need to do.

  • Buy water selectively. Pay attention to where your water comes from & how it’s processed. Ideally you want your water collected at a Spring or Mountain Source.
  • If you buy bottled water don’t store it in an environment that is prone to negative energy.
  • Avoid Tap Water as often as possible.

Okay so these are all really a lot to ask for, right? I can’t even do this myself because time, money, and access are a tall order for all of this but there is an even easier option.

Speak to your water with Love & Gratitude before you drink it!

Heal Your Water

This is a much easier alternative to buying expensive water and you are doing your part to revive the water supply in the process.

Expose your water to the Frequency of Love.

Play sounds or music at the rate of 528 hz . You can just set up the Healing Sounds and play them close to your water or speak directly to it before you drink it while speaking in Love, Gratitude, Happiness, and other positive emotions.

Yep, simply talk to your water.

You can also for an even better added benefit you can store your drinking water in a Container and directly express gratitude by speaking to it before you drink it. Just say Thank you and I love You to your water before you drink it and it will heal. The more emotion you put into it the better the results, it heals and comes back to life instantly. I personally like to drink my water from Crystal glasses because it automatically starts to heal the water on it’s own but the energy from your words or Healing Sounds is just as effective.

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