Past Lives vs Present Happiness: Healing Your Karma For Beginners

So many people feel like they were just “born under a bad sign” because they never seem to be able to get ahead in life no matter how hard they try and can’t seem to figure it out and might even go through their entire life stuck in this rut. Unfortunately, unless you figure it out in this lifetime you may have to relive it all over again the next time and over & over until you do figure it out.

I’m not trying to sound negative but that’s just the way it is but hey, guess what? You are aware of it now and that is a big start in resolving the problem and there is still time to turn things around and live a much better life this time! It’s never too late. 😉

So you have collected Karma throughout your lives and the Universal Bank of Karma never loses sight of you so you have to do a Soul Audit in order to start getting things properly balanced and this is pretty easy to do.

This method is for people who have not learned how to access their Akashic Records yet so it’s what I consider to be “the easy way” for Beginners.

Soul Audit

Step One: Ask For An Astral Assessment

First things first, you will need to ask your Spirit Team to help you assess your Karmic Balance and inform you of everything you need to know. Just mentally ask when you lay down to go to sleep tonight. You would say something like

Spirit Team, Could you please help me balance my Karma by giving me a full download of my Karma in my sleep tonight?

You may or may not remember your dreams the next morning but I suggest that you chart anything you do remember no matter how small the detail seems. Even if you don’t seem to have learned anything it still worked and the information is in your subconscious now. A lot of people take a few days to start processing the information so do NOT feel discouraged if you don’t wake up the next morning with all the answers.

Step Two: Watch For Signs

Over the next days & weeks you will start receiving information that will come in different ways so you have to pay close attention to your life.

  1. Repetitive numbers- You may see the same numbers over & over.
  2. Deja Vu- Familiar feelings like you have experienced this before, seen this place, felt these feeling or know that person from somewhere.
  3. Dreams- This is a big one, a lot of times you will receive the most information in your dreams because this is the easiest way for your Spirit Team to communicate with you. Your brain is designed to forget dreams starting the second you wake up so make sure you chart your dreams quickly after waking. Dreams are loaded with information that can be decoded and even colors mean something.
  4. Meditate- start your meditation and ask your Spirit Team for messages. With a blank mind you are leaving space for things to pop into your conscious memory. Even if a random song pops in your head there is a specific message behind it so pay attention to everything you receive.
  5. Noticing patterns? One of my very first Clients tried this and for a week she kept hearing songs about cheating and we discovered that she had always cheated on the Love of her Life in all of her lifetimes but she has been cheated on in every relationship she has had in this life so we scrubbed her karma and now she has a clean slate and an amazing marriage.
  6. Do your Research! Every bit of information you collect when you receive answers will need to be decoded and it’s not as hard as it sounds, simply go with what pops into your head and trust your intuition. Just for example, If you get a “feeling” that you killed someone in a past life then you did & you need to accept that & resolve to making amends with a positive impact on someone’s life. You can trust your intuition to guide you into making up for that in this life, ask for knowledge & guidance and it will be given.

Healing The Karmic Residue

You can use a well known and trusted method to heal your Karma, it’s called The Violet Flame. There are many, many ways to do this and they are all equally effective but I am giving you the quick & condensed version for Beginners because it’s hard to remember a big bunch of lines while in meditative state and people get frustrated with that part of the process because they think that it all has to be done with exact detail- but that is myth! The Universe knows what’s in your heart, don’t ever forget that! You do it your own way and it will work fine.

Here is how I recommend Beginners do this.

Get comfortable and go into a meditative state. Visualize that you see a big beautiful violet colored campfire burning. Ask Your Guides or other Spirit Team Members & St. Germain to help you wash away your Karmic Debt. Some people like to ask Jesus or another religious figure to attend & that is fine, you can invite anyone you want to be there.

Walk into this healing violet flame and stand in the middle. It doesn’t burn but it feels great and you can feel the bad Karma wash off of your body until you have been cleansed.

Now, you will ask the Flame to heal Humanity & the Earth so you watch this fire spread and spread until every person and the entire Earth are within this giant flame. Everyone & every thing is healed.

It’s that simple!

It’s a Process..

Don’t let anyone tell you that this Spiritual Karmic Recovery is an instant thing or that you can do it all in one day because that is a flat out lie but once you start the process you can start seeing results instantly. It took many lifetimes to create this debt and it may take a while to make things right but by just being aware and trying to break old patterns is a huge step in the right direction.

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