How to Work With Energy – The Easy Way

If you are interested in developing Psychic Abilities then you will want to start learning more about Energy and how to remind yourself how to recognize it. The first thing you need to be aware of is that you and the toaster sitting on your kitchen counter are at the core of your being, the exact same thing.

While I won’t get too deep into that right now you will want to educate yourself on how energy in different forms is still the same energy and when you were born you were able to see energy but over time you have lost that ability but you can train your mind to recognize it again and it isn’t real hard and it doesn’t take a long time.

If you are interested in Clairvoyance the ability to see spirits, this is a great way to develop the ability and this was how I personally developed my own ability to see Spirit because I am not naturally clairvoyant, my natural ability is Clairaudience.

Learn How To Feel Energy

First, make an Energy Ball and practice feeling the energy between your hands. You might feel pressure tingling or a magnetic resistance or pull when you bring you hands close together without touching and pull them apart or shape and form your “ball” of Energy.

Next you can experiment with the different feel of different items around you. Hold your hands a few inches above the TV and feel the energy of the TV then pull back and notice the change you feel and then put your hands over something else and see how different it feels, wood always feels different than metal and every single object you can think to try it on will have a different feel to it.

Learn How to See Energy

Once you have re-learned how to feel the invisible energy something wonderful happens, your brain sort of wakes up and remembers that it exists and it realizes that if you can feel it then it must exist so therefore it’s possible that you can see it.

It doesn’t happen right away and it does take practice to see energy. I suggest trying to start with something easy and go outside at night and look at a tree because Trees are a wonderful living species to practice learning on.

Stare at the tree and let your eyes glaze over. Let yourself space out and slip into sort of a daze but keep your eyes on that tree. It’s best not to blink but your eyes can get watery in the beginning so just do the best you can and stay patient because if you start trying to force it you are just working against yourself.

The higher your vibration is when you practice the better your results will be so mediation before you try it is helpful or you can simply try it when you are relaxed and in a good mood. I can’t give you a time-frame on how fast you you will be able to learn how to do it because some people do it the first try and others take a long time so it depends on you.

Just keep practicing and remain aware and you will be in touch and in tune with Energy in no time!

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