Reset Your Life With One Single Change

You don’t realize how much blame people shift onto others every chance they get until make the conscious choice to start taking responsibility for everything in your own life.

It’s pretty easy to decide to start taking more responsibility but it’s something entirely different to hold yourself to it and I won’t lie, it’s quite revealing when you start to see all the little things you would normally blame on others.

Just doing this one thing has this amazing ripple effect on your life that just keeps flowing into other areas and leads to a very profound change in every single area of your life and you start feeling good about yourself like you never have before because each time you accept your own flaws & mistakes you are empowering yourself and you feel the pride in your actions.

It isn’t all birds & sunshine though because there is a downside to taking personal responsibility because you will start to resent others who don’t when you are first starting to evolve and that is how you know that you are evolving because that behavior is so transparent now & you feel like they should hold themselves accountable now too.

It’s natural that when you see someone else not holding themselves accountable you can see right through it because you become acutely aware of it when you see it happening and you resent the disrespect they unknowingly show.

The Ripple Affect

When you Reset Your Life and start accepting responsibility for even the most trivial things in life the rewards are instantaneous and profound. Just as an example review this situation:

You are in a hurry to get out the door this morning and as you are hustling your things together you grab your keys off the counter and accidently bump into a full cup of coffee your Partner left on the counter and it crashes to the floor and coffee and pieces of the broken cup are everywhere. You have to clean it up now because your Partner already left and you are really going to be late and now you are really mad.

  • Who is at fault for what?
  • Who was responsible for the accident?
  • What is your role in the incident?
  • What is your Partner’s fault in this?
  • Is THIS ACCIDENT a solo responsibility or a shared responsibility?

This is just something to reflect on because we often instantly start searching for ways to blame someone else. Have you ever blamed the pet for something you did just to avoid responsibility? If so I’d LOVE to hear about it in the Comments!

So here is how it trickles down

When you start accepting responsibility for your own actions and lose the word “blame” others will notice. I’m sure quite a few arguments have started over two people blaming each other for something because nobody wants to take responsibility.

Accept your role in it objectively and don’t worry about whether the other person does or not. Often the people around you will eventually notice and will start following your example. Without the added stress of Blame & Fault you will get along better with others and it will open your eyes to the DRAMA in your life and who all creates it.

It all boils down to having more inner peace and that leads to outer peace. It gets to the point where when something happens and someone tries to shift blame to you, you don’t get as upset and offended by it. You might point out their fault in the situation but it isn’t as important for you to defend yourself because you know what really just happened.

Taking responsibility for your own actions & circumstances is the ultimate form of Self-Respect and when you respect yourself Others will respect you too.

Which person do you have more respect for?

Person A. The man who is an alcoholic but you know that he sneaks whiskey every chance he gets but tells you to your face that he has cut back except for when his wife nags. You know for a fact that his wife nags a lot and he doesn’t get mean.

Person B. The woman who had her kids taken away because of her bad choices but now she is admitting her every fault and owning it as she swears she is going to do everything in her power to get her kids back but you see no progress so far towards her goals and she still makes bad choices.

Person C. The man who beats his wife openly because he caught her cheating and instead of leaving her he stays with her and treats her horribly to punish her over & over. He admits what he’s done but in his mind it’s all her fault because he never hit her before she cheated.

There is no right or wrong answer to that exercise. It is just a way to gauge your current viewpoint & Empathy Level. How does each situation make you feel? How do you relate to each these situations? Pretend you are a psychologist and evaluate these 3 example people to find their responsibilities, flaws, and the things they are doing right. What is your advice to these 3 people after you evaluate their circumstances?

Taking Responsibility for yourself is the first step to a lot of great changes, especially if you have a lot of negativity in your life and it opens awareness to the lies, drama, narcissistic tendencies, unnecessary stress, and lack of growth & happiness in your life and not just in yourself but in everyone around you. The biggest part of part of being an Awakened Person is being an Aware Person.

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