Does Eating Meat Lower My Vibration? The Answer May Surprise You!

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This is a question I was asked this morning and I thought it would be a wonderful topic to write about because I have been asked about this a lot.

Does eating meat lower our vibration and slow our Spiritual Process? Do we have to give up meat & meat products all together to raise our vibes?

Yes & No.

It really depends on what you are eating because there is a big difference in meats and it isn’t about what type of animal it comes from but rather what kind of life the animal lived.

If you grab a pack of Hamburger from your local big chain market you are probably getting meat from a cow that was raised in very low vibe conditions that didn’t live a very happy life. From birth this cow was destined to be a food source and likely never received a bit of Love & Nurturing other than the basic survival needs it required. Since it never knew happiness and likely was abused or mistreated you can assume that it’s a Low Vibration Food Source.

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Now if you buy hamburger that’s processed from a cow that has been raised by a local Farming family with a big pasture and daily TLC, or maybe meat from a cow that was raised as a kid’s 4H project or similar higher vibration environments then yes, you are in alignment with your food and it is a High Vibration Food Source.

If you aren’t exactly sure where your meat is coming from then do your research! The place you buy your meat can tell you where your meat comes from and you can do your own research into what type of facility your food comes from.

It’s always good practice to enrich your food no matter what it is or where it comes from with Love & Gratitude so this can help if you don’t have access to higher vibe meats.

Also, there is a difference in veggies too when it comes to vibrations and again, it depends on the exact same process which includes:

  • Where were they grown
  • Who handled them in the process
  • What type of nutrients/pollutions they absorbed

I don’t promote Vegan or any other food related choices, I simply promote eating as healthy as possible but I don’t feel the need to be rigid over it. For example, who doesn’t crave a big Italian sub or a creamy bowl of ice cream or my personal weakness, pizza every now & then? I know I sure do!

Try to be as aware of what you eat as possible and no matter what, make sure you appreciate all of it.

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