How To Dissolve Prejudices & Love Everyone

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Nobody likes to own their prejudices but let’s face it, we all have them as much as most of us consciously try to avoid them our subconscious is where they usually reside and with the recent introduction of “Karen” it’s a wonderful time to examine ourselves.

So if you aren’t aware of who “Karen” is, she can theoretically be anyone, but deep down Karen is a Drama Queen who targets someone who is different from herself, who either looks different or has different opinions and she targets her rage at them. Nobody wants to be a Karen.

Most people who do fall into the Karen Philosophy Category would be the first to tell you that she isn’t racist, sexist, or practice any discriminatory thoughts or behaviors towards anyone… but deep down she really is what she claims she is not and perhaps she isn’t even aware of it.

So let’s take a moment to answer some of these questions about yourself in brutal honesty and see what lies under the surface of our minds. With each question/scenario picture yourself actually in this situation so you can get an honest answer from your subconcious.

  • Would you be friends with someone who is the same sex as you and identifies as Gay?
  • How do you feel about other Religions? Any particular Religions stand out in your mind that you dislike or fear?
  • How would you feel if you were in a place full of people and everyone else is another race and sex than you are. Would you be uncomfortable?
  • How do you view Homeless People? Do you assume laziness, mental illness, or drug use got them to where they are at now?
  • Would you date someone outside your race or religion?
  • How would you feel if your child expressed that they want to be another gender?
  • If someone is living in a way that you are strongly opposed to (but harms no one) would you end that relationship rather than try to compromise?
  • How do you view people who are overweight? Do you think someone who is obese can still be attractive?

Now that you have answered those questions keep in mind that there are no wrong answers. That was strictly for self evaluation & reflection to give you a better idea of how you really feel. Once you locate some of your prejudices you can actually work on them with Intention instead of Thoughtless Socially Correct responses.

When you work on your prejudices with Intention you are aware that you have hidden discrimination within your psyche that needs to be resolved and you are actively making a point to remove thoughts & behaviors that are unwarranted. Thoughtless Socially Correct Responses are more or less just saying what you are expected to say while keeping the same thoughts and not trying to change how you think & feel.

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Clearing Prejudice With Intentions

The first step is to clear your Heart Chakra of Negative Energy involving these thoughts. You can use a Rose Quartz (or any crystal you have on hand!) and Meditate for a while with the crystal on your chest and visualize it Healing your Heart Center and replacing all the bad thoughts & emotions with Love Energy. This is a great daily or weekly practice!

You will then need to go to your subconscious and directly as your subconscious why you feel this way and when did this start? The first thoughts you have will lead you to the answer so go with them.

At least once a day for 3 weeks you need to tell yourself “Out Loud” That you have Love for ________. (the group you have prejudices with) Then tell yourself WHY you have love for them. Give at least one new reason each day.

If you slip up and have a negative response to the prejudice you are working on you can visualize the words or experiences in a bubble and pop the bubble to take it out of existence then forgive yourself for nobody is perfect and you are working on it.

If you follow this directive you will eliminate your prejudices within a month or less. They will be totally gone if you put the full effort into it. It really is that easy.

I grew up in a very racist/prejudice family and this was something I had to work on as an adult myself. They literally were against everyone from race/sexual preference/IQ.. you name it and someone in my family hated them. The people I speak of are all passed on now and thankfully changed their ways before they passed on but the damage dripped down the line until we stopped it.

My daughter even remarked to me that once she became an adult and left home she was horrified at how our family’s views were once she was in a different environment and it horrified her to realize how bad it was with our older family members and I agreed, I had to make a conscious choice to NOT be that way myself as an adult.

I’m 44 years old now but when I was 16 years old I dated a guy outside my race and I had family members who were actually planning to murder me.. true story. A gun was actually purchased and it was planned out but the guy (that I was willing to battle so hard for) ended up dumping me for another girl before it got that far & someone in my family never forgave that and went to his grave a couple years ago still hating me because of that. That’s just sad & pathetic in my opinion but I forgive.. he was clearly mentally ill.

My children will never know this type of hatred from me because I don’t care who they are with as long as they are happy and loved. I don’t want the poisons my ancestors & more recent relatives had within my energy and I WANT to love & respect everyone no matter who they are so I am very careful to erase that type of negativity from my life.

Remove these hidden poisons from your energy and you will not only look & feel better but other people will feel your clean energy and will be much more receptive to you as well.

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