The Biggest Secret To Manifesting Abundance… The Things Nobody Ever Tells You.

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Have you ever thought about why you don’t have the Abundance that seems to come so easily to other people when you know that they aren’t doing anything that you can’t do… yet they have it nailed and you don’t.

Each & every single day people all over the world are manifesting their Full Abundance. These people are just like you & I but they have figured it out that we really do create our own reality and they learned how to actually implement what they learned into creating what they desired.

Teaching people about the Art of Manifestation was one of my favorite topics when I was Coaching & Teaching because once people actually understood the process and made it work for them the results were instant but understand that there is a lot more to Manifestation & Abundance than just money. Money is the first thing that usually comes to mind when you think about Abundance but that is only 1 of the bazillions of things you can manifest.

  • Love & Relationships
  • Possessions
  • Skills
  • Money
  • Creations
  • Food
  • Health
  • Happiness

The list of things you can have an abundance of is literally endless.

What is at the root of every single thing you can manifest? What do these endless list of things all have in common?


Anything you can manifest is made of energy & it’s the exact same energy that you are made of. When you understand this and learn how to work with energy you can learn to control it and attract what you need and want to attract. That’s a pretty simple and logical conclusion.

But here is what people forget and that is what makes it sort of like a secret because here is what people don’t know.

When you think about energy being all the same and how we are all created as the same things our toaster is at the very basic level that can be understood, but do you understand what holds our form together? What keeps us and our things as solids?

Electromagnetic Energy

So when you are dealing with electromagnetic energy you have to think about the term Polar Opposite Attraction. So in that logic, ask yourself the following question?

What is the opposite of Receiving Abundance?

Yep, Giving Abundance. Not just giving abundance but doing it with Love & Gratitude.

In order for everything to work as it is supposed to it’s a requirement in life if we want Abundance in all areas of life. If you want abundance you must be part of the cycle that provides abundance for others.

There’s your big secret! Use it wisely!

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I just gave you the missing link to your Abundance Manifestation Goals. Yes, there is more to it but his is the big one, the one that people often forget about. You need to provide abundance in something that doesn’t serve you to someone else because you can be rewarded with your own abundance.

You must provide with Love & Gratitude with zero begrudgement in order to create the reality of your soul dreams and live a blissful life.

No you don’t have to start giving all your stuff away or donating to every charity you can find and sit waiting for your reward because it just doesn’t work that way, your Heart will tell you when & where you are needed.

The reason you never hear about this is because people who truly Master this step don’t even consider it part of the cycle because it is simply just natural to them to assist other people and they don’t realize that that the act of Giving is the Required Balance to Receiving.

The key is to NOT EXPECT THAT REWARD. Just give from the goodness of your heart with no expectations and the balance will always come to a complete circle.

I have so much more on this topics but I can’t put it all in one article! Keep an eye out for future articles on Abundance Manifestation 🙂

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