True Story – How I Made Almost $300k Last Year As A Product Reviewer

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My Start To An Abundant Life

I don’t write about this often but I get asked about it all the time so for something a bit different I thought I would explain it today.

There are scams everywhere that promise free items in exchange for this, that, or the other.. but a true Product Review Job will never cost you anything and that is the Top Rule of Product Testing. It is acceptable to pay for an item upfront and then be refunded at the time of your Review but the Review must be honest or your value as a Reviewer isn’t going to be very high if you become known for just saying anything to get a free item.

I got my start as a Product Reviewer a few years ago when a Seller Contacted me in an email with an offer, Free earrings in exchange for my honest review so I went for it and the deal was that I buy them, do the review, get refunded.

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The earrings arrived a few days later and they were.. well.. JUNK. Like, these were the crappiest, UGLIEST earrings I’d ever seen to be honest. Now this was the first time I’d ever done anything like this and I really wanted to get in good with a Seller so I was torn on what to do.

In the end I was fair but honest and worded everything as nicely as I could but I never did get that refund lol. Oh well.. that $2 it cost me got the ball rolling towards some amazing things so it was well spent. The Seller was removed so that review no longer exists but I have plenty more to make up for it now.

I won’t go into the details of everything I did but long story short, I was checking through my Spam box one Sunday evening looking for Review Offers (a lot of them end up there) and saw that I had an Invitation to the Vine Voice Program. I had no clue what it was but it looked legit so I clicked.

Within a few minutes I was looking at this HUGE catalogue of Products and with the click of one button I could have whatever I wanted… for “free”.

In utter disbelief I start clicking like a manic. I chose full size garden bath tubs, clothes, toys for the grandkids, hunting supplies.. you name it I clicked it. Then I sat and waited to see if anything showed up just hoping against hope that something would come.

2 days later my dog went NUTS and I peek outside to see what he was barking at and there was a UPS, USPS, Fed EX, a Contracted Delivery Truck all having a major traffic jam in my driveway. I got everything from a new garden bath tub, to a $1k coffee maker, $600 vacuum cleaner, 5 car seats upwards for $399 each.. it was INSANE..

Apparently I had hit that order button about 1100+ times that night and they sent it ALL. My life hasn’t been the same since lol.

It was like a gift from God when about 1 week in we went down the road to the store and found a brand new Dolly just laying in the middle of the road waiting for us ( A big Thank you to whoever lost it 😉 )

I had to completely give up my Coaching Business for a while and a lot of my Audience lost interest because I had just vanished because there was no longer any time for Clients. Getting my mail brought in, opened, sorted, tested/used/etc.. and often times repackaged was about a 7-8 hour a day job and I had my husband, daughter, and Mom helping me every single day and the rest of my time was spent writing Reviews. If I wasn’t dealing with mail I was Reviewing.

Here’s the thing though, you have to be VERY careful with Product Reviews because you are required to report the value of every single item you get and the IRS sees it this way, If you get an item that retails at $100 you have a job that just paid you $100 cash and you have to pay taxes on it. Don’t think you can “slip one past them” because the Sellers are using the products they give you as their tax break so there is no way for you to avoid this without getting in trouble. According to the IRS I have made nearly $300k this year on Product Reviews alone and I paid in $7500 last year so NOTHING is really free.

People think you can just sell the products to pay the taxes but good luck with that, it’s often not as easy as you would think. You might be able to sell some things for around 50%-75% off retail but getting full price is rare as a Hen’s Tooth for an item you have already opened, used, & repackaged unless you get it figured out.. which I did but after I had taken loss after loss after loss…

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The big question I get about it is, is there a way to actually make money? Yeah but there is no money to be made at the actual Product Reviewing Process, you have to get creative to make that money. You give your fair and objective opinion of an item in exchange for that item and in exchange you keep the item. From there you have other alternative options to actually make cash money or even a solid Business from the process. The earning potential is unlimited. This was a big eye opener to me as far as my Spiritual Ascension goes, it showed me that we really do create our own reality and I can manifest anything I need with the right energy and I used this energy to create a thriving business. I turn offers down on a daily basis and only work with products I really love.

Product Reviews are a HUGE and growing business because Sellers need those reviews from people who are respectable & honest and fair-minded. I keep the Seller & Buyer BOTH in my priority and that is how I have grown so popular. Sure I’ve had a few death threats.. sure I get hate mail from angry Sellers from time to time but I am always as fair as I am capable of being to both side of the fence.

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On the plus side I love love love giving gifts to family & friends and most of what I don’t keep for myself is gifted to someone who needs something. The past couple years I have had the honor of playing Santa to some families who would not have Christmas otherwise, this year I got to play Santa for 2 families. My Grandkids actually think I work for Santa lol.. and I get to spoil them rotten like I wish I had been able to do for my kids when they were little.

Overall, I think the biggest takeaway from this whole experience for me is the fact that material items no longer mean as much to me. I feel that this was a step in my personal transition into Abundance but it darn sure wasn’t what I had in mind when I started actively asking The Universe to help me get started with Abundance and a few days later my whole house was filled with Product boxes. I have pictures that would blow your mind.. I may post them if I write about this again and speaking of which…

If this is a topic that interests you let me know by hitting the Like button and if I get enough interest on the topic I may write more about it. Anyone can be a Reviewer just like I am so get your start into the business by writing quality honest & fair reviews for everything you buy, especially Books 😉 and keep an eye on that Spam folder. You’ll learn pretty quickly how to tell the real ones from the scams. If you have a question feel free to reply 🙂

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