What’s The Difference Between Ghosts & Spirits?

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If you are wondering what the differences are between Ghosts & Spirits this will explain it all for you.


Ghosts are Spirits without bodies who have not moved on to the Higher Dimensions yet. They are forms of Energy that are technically Low Vibration or Lower Dimensional Beings because they have not been into the Light yet to Heal & Recover from their latest Incarnation.

Even if this Ghost is your dear sweet Grandma who would never hurt you she is still a Lower Vibrational Being until she moves on and this does happen quite a bit because we do have the option to stick around for a little while before we move on and many people attend their own autopsies & funerals out of curiosity or because worry about their family coping with the loss and a variety of other reasons but eventually they do move on into the Light.

Sometime the Spirit gets confused and gets stuck. This usually happens when their death is traumatic or it happened so suddenly they aren’t aware of their own death so they stick around and desperately try to get someone to notice them and these are the ones who are usually easier to notice and it’s also easier to help them cross over. It’s just a matter of saying goodbye and letting them know it’s time to move on.

Then you have Spirits who are so terrified of facing the consequences of their life that they just refuse to go into the Light out of fear. Some religions promote a God that is vengeful for Sin and devout Followers can get quite terrified at the prospect of meeting God and having to explain or face punishment so they won’t move on. These are the most common types of Ghosts we see in hunted houses or locations we visit that feel haunted.

And finally we have the Dark or Evil Spirits, not to be confused with “demons”. These Spirits were people who were dark while alive and were never beings from the Light. They stick around and scare people or cause trouble as much as they can. If you pay attention to your energy & know what to look for it’s almost unmistakable when you are near one. When you get that uneasy feeling like you are being watched.. that is a good indicator & I will be writing more about that in a future article.

Demons are not Spirits, they have never incarnated so they are like Angels in the sense that no Soul ever becomes an Angel… Angels are created as Angels and Demons are created as Demons. Demons can invade a body but they are never born into a body.

  • Ghosts often feel scary to encounter
  • They can be draining and make you feel sleepy if they are around because they need a living person’s energy to sustain themselves.
  • They are quicker to manifest themselves in front of you than a Spirit is.
  • They can play tricks on people and many get a kick out of scaring people for fun.
  • They CANNOT hurt you but they can scare the hell outta you.
  • They congregate at graveyards, funeral homes, hospitals, and sometimes homes & businesses or outdoor locations.
  • They cannot be children, Children ALWAYS go into the Light and so do Animals.
  • Ghosts will appear as exactly how they looked when they died while Spirits have a healthy peaceful glow and may look shimmery or like a reflection.
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Spirits have a whole different feeling about them and are very different from Ghosts.

Spirits have a calmer energy to them and they don’t drain you because their energy comes from the Light. They would never hurt or scare you which is why many of them never show themselves, they always put your first and if they think it would scare you they will not be seen.

Spirits have been into the Light and processed through their Healing and are just making the trip back to check in on you. Coming back is not pleasant for them because it is so dense here and it’s very hard for them to be in our environment, they come from 5th dimensions and we are in 3rd. Many of us have these visits with our Deceased Loved Ones during dreams in the 4th dimensions because it’s easier for everyone involved. It’s like literally meeting halfway.

Time doesn’t really exist as we all know so it is very much possible for a Spirit to go Home and check in, do their Life Scan then Heal up and come back to visit and this could be seconds in our time, or minutes, or even months, but in there time it could be like being gone for a few minutes or years. There is no set conversion because time just doesn’t exist on that side. It’s very possible for a Spirit to go Home into the Light and be back in time for their own funeral.

If there is a Spirit around they will try to gently let you know but once you get used to knowing how it feels to have one present it gets easy. For me, I get a “zing” in my ear that feels like one ear is in a vacuum and it rings louder in one ear.

I am Clairaudient and in my experience, Ghosts sound more human-like to me while Spirits sound like Chipmunks or Mickey Mouse. I can’t tell the difference in Spirit voices because they all sound the same. To me, Angels & Archangels sound just like Spirits and I only know the difference when I ask who I’m speaking with but that’s just me, some people can tell right away.

When you start communicating with them, you can actually ask if they are in the Light and they cannot lie to you. The most evil Demon cannot specifically say they are in the light if this is a lie but Dark or Negative Beings can lie to you so be careful to make sure. They can appear as Loved Ones or Angels or Children but they cannot lie about being in the Light.

Children who are in the Light can visit us but it’s rare that they actually appear to their grieving Parents because out of Love they do not want to scare their Parents but are more likely to appear to siblings.

Pets will come to you from time to time as well. They have a very soothing feel to their energy and they are still very protective of us. Spirits will visit usually very briefly while Ghosts may linger for a long or continuous presence.

If you are aware and alert you will likely find that at most any time day or night there is a Spirit or an Angel near you, Ghosts are less likely but very possible. Pay attention to what your Intuition and your Heart Chakra Center tells you to get the best feel for who & what you are dealing with.

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