This Might Be My Most Controversial Article Ever.. But You Need To Know Before It’s Too Late.

I’ve wanted to write this for a long time but like others in my situation I was hesitant. I have a lot to lose by writing this and putting it out there publicly but it’s time.

I am going with the assumption that a large majority of my Readers are educated about the world around them and understand what is really happening right now, especially here in the US but it goes way beyond any Political System. It doesn’t matter if you are on the Right or the Left or completely non-political.. it involves & affects YOU.

Surviving The New World Order by Jeremy Stone

Part of being Human up until this point has meant to blindly follow the orders of our Elected Officials. We have always been taught to follow the laws and live in society the way that our Elected Officials tell us to but somewhere along the way we have forgotten that they work for us because we elected them to represent us and our wishes but 2020 has taught us a big lesson, we have been deceived for centuries by our “Leaders”.

Part of pretty much everyone’s Awakening at some point or another is to start going down the proverbial “Rabbit Holes” to search for the truth about Humanity and it’s a stunning revelation when you see what’s been going on behind our backs while the elite dictate the narrative and use the Media to trick us into compliance.


Look at the whole Covid Crisis right now. It has been proven to be a manufactured bioweapon designed to reduce the population of Earth and the same people who unleashed it want to provide the vaccines!

We are all wearing masks that are pointless to wear and they even TELL people they don’t work but still force them on us and refusing to wear them makes us an outcast.. I mean.. seriously.. wake up sleepy people.

The one thing about those who are doing this to us that we need to keep in mind is they very bluntly tell us what they do but we are so desensitized to it that we don’t get it.

They are Masters at Word Games.

Name a Star

The information is not hard to find and you don’t have to go into the deep dark web to find it. It’s so widespread now that all you need to do is make the right connections on Social Media or look up YouTube videos and you can find a wealth of information on who is really running things and how they are doing it.

Would you believe me if I told you that Humanity is not the ruling species of this planet?

Why do so many people end up missing in State Parks? Check out the book Missing 411 and prepare to be stunned.

Would you believe me if I told you that I know what happens to some of the many Missing People who disappear without a trace? Search Adrenochrome if you can handle it.. it’s a horrific subject.

Would you believe me if I told you that we are living out Revelations in the Bible right now? We are. It’s all in the Bible whether you believe in the bible or not… it’s all there.

Would you believe me if I told you that some of our elected Leaders in powerful positions have literally sold their souls and care nothing about Humanity? Mainly because they are not a part of Humanity.

Would you believe me if I told you that our “Fact Checkers” are paid Censorship companies who stop at nothing to keep us from connecting the dots and putting the information together and they are holding hands with the Mainstream Media (MSM)?

It’s bad.. it’s really really bad.. People who know it all don’t sleep. Seriously. But the word REVELATIONS is what it all comes down to.. it’s all being revealed right now.

If you are Incarnated right now and especially if you are reading this article there is no doubts that you are here to play a role in the change to take back Humanity. Those on the dark side rely on people looking at this information and saying that it’s too crazy to be real and that we are “Conspiracy Theorists” and yes, some are but true Lightworkers know in their hearts that they have a job to do and it’s time to do it… our time really is here.

You aren’t expected to take on the task of saving the world but it is your duty to become aware and fully Awake by learning the facts behind the fiction and supporting the ones who are tasked with the major stuff because the big players can’t do it without all of us.

That’s the one aspect of being fully Awakened that nobody ever wants to talk about because it’s such a sensitive subject but the fact is, you aren’t fully Awake until you know the truth about Humanity.

“They” do everything they can to make those that do know The Truth look crazy but when we all know The Truth who is gonna be left to call us Crazy?

I’m not alone in knowing all of this and you can tell who knows all about this just by listening to them talk and it’s surreal to know that so many people know.. but nobody talks about it because they don’t want to look crazy or lose support or whatever.. that is the FIRST thing we need to change because those of us that know the truth are obligated to share what we know.

Biblical Times


We won’t be able to convince everyone but this is just the beginning of the transition we are entering into. Once everything is out in the open people have the choice to make… Do you choose Light or Dark? Choose wisely because Light Wins.

Once the process is over we will come to understand that we will literally be living in the 5D reality we have been waiting on. Mother Earth Gaia will Heal and people will live the way that Humans were meant to live.

The old fake 3D reality is fading away.

Christians will see that the Book of Revelations is unfolding before our eyes and “Spiritual People” are seeing that 5D Earth is Manifesting and all other Religions no matter what Religion you choose to follow.. you are seeing it too because our Bibles are telling us word for word what is happening and we are seeing it with our own eyes.

The biggest mistake we make in translating the Bible is thinking that the events portrayed align with life during the time it was written, we just haven’t been able to properly translate it into Modern Times until we started learning the Art of Synchronicity and realizing there are No Coincidences in Life.

If this is all too advanced for you so far and you are just like.. “what the heck did I just read??“.. there is nothing wrong with that but it is time to step up your Awakening with Knowledge.. which is The Key to Life that will open every single Door.

The Medicines to treat our illnesses & the actual Cures to Heal us are already here, the answers to all of our questions about Life & The Afterlife have already been answered, and the sad reality is that Humans are a Slave Race and the only way to Freedom is to Awaken to what is really happening.

A few suggestions for research I have is a brand new release I just read

Suggestion One: Surviving The New World Order By Jeremy Stone. This is an excellent resource that gives you a better look at everything from how this happened & who is doing it to what the Plan is and why they are doing it.

Suggestion Two:

Suggestion Three:

If you are ready for more advanced Information I suggest looking at David Icke’s work.

He’s been called “crazy” for years but David Icke is quite possible one of the most Awakened people in the world. Just give him a chance and listen to what he has to say. As crazy as it all sounds he speaks the TRUTH.

In a nutshell, we are having Spiritual Awakenings because we are an Army of Light that’s here to take back Humanity from those who are in control to allow Free Will to truly exist.

A functional Pineal Gland is not the end result, it simply a tool for people who are ready to evolve with Humanity. It’s either evolve now or get Left Behind. It doesn’t matter what stage of Evolution you are in as long as you are within the process. Those left behind because they refuse to advance or those who choose Darkness shall perish. Don’t believe me? Consult with your bible and watch the world.

I have given you more than enough starting points throughout this article if you are ready to see it. Nothing about this is pleasant but know that it is coming to an end because LIghtworkers are coming together and so are the 144,000 Angels who are incarnated right now to release Humanity from our Captors. I don’t want to scare anyone with this knowledge but I love you all enough to speak the truth.


This Knowledge is my Christmas Gift to you. You can choose to accept it or deny it in disbelief because the choice is yours to make but I hope to see you among us in 5th Dimensional “Heaven”.

Rev. Michelle Fisher

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