The Magic of Empathy: Why Empaths Are So Important To The Survival Of Humanity

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I rarely see people say that they are happy about being an Empath because their lives can be quite a task but it is literally one of the most important abilities a Human Being can have.

First of all, Empaths are the most natural and powerful Healers on the planet because of their experiences. Remember the Healing comes in many forms and it goes way beyond Energy Healing Work.

To fully understand how to Heal someone you must first take a walk in their shoes and this is why so many Empaths have a hard time because not only are they absorbing the knowledge & energy from their own experiences they are absorbing the energy of the experiences of Others.

How can a person Master anything without experiencing it themselves?

Would you want to go to a Physician who has never been sick or in pain? If you are addicted to substance would you want a Councilor who has never been addicted? Would an Awakened person want to choose a Mental Health Provider if the Provider does not believe in Spiritual Awakenings and doesn’t know anything about it? Depending on a person who lacks Empathy can sometimes be harmful to our wellbeing.

This is the meaning behind the saying that Broken people are the best Healers.

You already know that broken people are drawn to you and you to them and there is a good reason for it. You are there to Heal them but be careful to not actually take their problems on yourself.

If you notice that you tend to try to help too much you are ahead of the game but the next step is to actually do something about it.

  • Do you often try to fix people’s problems?
  • Do you offer to help in ways that make you miserable in the end?
  • Do you feel the need to always have a solution for people when they tell you their problems?
  • Are you “the one” in your circle that everyone comes to with their problems?
  • Do you tend to be the lowest priority in your own life?
  • Do you feel burnt out or exhausted after encounters with other people?
  • Do you have bad luck with Relationships because you choose the wrong people?

If you can apply more than half of this list to yourself then you are probably an Empathic Healer.

Your Natural Healing Ability has already manifested no doubt but it can be tricky to pinpoint it sometimes because it comes at you from all directions sometimes but intuitively you know what area you are drawn to.

The beautiful thing about using your past experiences to help Heal other people is that you really do understand their problems and you can help them much more efficiently. People who have had a big variety of experiences on the good & the bad side make excellent Life Coaches. Empaths are excellent Matchmakers, Therapists, Nurses, Daycare Providers, and on… and on… and on…. because they have been on the other side and have learned how to create the balance needed to become the Healer.

Humanity will thrive in an evolving 5 Dimensional reality once we are all Healed and in order to get healed we must work with those who are already healed. If you have already conquered your struggles have you considered helping others heal from those same experiences?

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Just for fun: Mini Lesson

Based on your life experiences, what is your ideal “job”?

What could you offer to a person in need of your services at this job?

Explain how you know so much about how to do this job?

What is preventing you from becoming the Natural Healer you were born to be?

Do you believe that you can do anything you set your mind to or that you can create your own reality?

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