The Real Reason Why Are We Given Spiritual Gifts? This Might Surprise You…

I’ll get straight to the point with this one. We are given Spiritual Gifts so we can see & understand how things really are so we can use this knowledge to receive our abundance so that we can then in turn, use our abundance to help create abundance for others. When this finally happens Humanity will live as our Creator intended for us to.

We are among the beginning of the process so we can’t foresee it coming to a complete circle in our lifetime but we can create it so our future generations will have that life. I’ll just say it.. if you are Reading this then Manifesting Abundance is in your Life Plan.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are destined to become “rich” though and part of the process is to understand that Abundance comes in all forms.

Some might even say that an Abundance of Love is the most valuable form of abundance in the world.

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If you have 20 pairs of shoes in your closet and see your neighbor walking around in the snow without shoes what will you do? Of course.. you give your neighbor some shoes!

But does it end there? Nope. What you removewill be replaced, what you giveyou will receive, and it will be tenfold in value. Notice I didn’t say that if you give away a pair of shoes you will receive 10 pair back, what I said was, what you give- it will be returned tenfold. We are talking in terms of value and value isn’t always in monetary terms.

Meaning that if you provide abundance for others someone else will provide for you eventually and this is one of the most important Universal Laws we have. Most unawakened people will never understand this and put all of their energy into Receiving without putting much thought to giving. Our Spiritual Tools help us evolve into a more Intuitive Conscious so we are aware of where the need is that we can fulfill it.

Name a Star

So Self-Manifestation is created by Manifesting for Others and without our Spiritual Gifts this is very hard to see & understand. The energy has to be in the right conditions and that happens because we use our Spiritual Gifts or as I call them Spiritual Tools… to “see the unseen”.

The Dark Side operates differently and they focus on Greed and any Abundance created through that greed always has a big price to pay. Always with no exceptions.

The Dark side is the ones who tell us that we are not meant to profit from using our abilities. We are told that it’s wrong, we will lose our abilities, Our Creator will punish us.. etc.. and this is simply NOT TRUE so don’t be afraid or feel guilty to charge for your Readings or whatever your talent is but always make sure that you also give a little of what you can Manifest to someone who needs it and you will be fine.

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