15 Ways How to Tell When Someone Just Don’t Like You. The Signs Are Always There…

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Does My Friend Even Like Me?

If you are trying to figure out if a certain someone doesn’t like you as much as you like them there are a few tell-tail signs that when combined together it becomes a pretty clear message… if you know what they are.

Aside from just cutting through the chase and just asking them if they don’t like you there are several things to look for. This isn’t a complete list I’m sure but it’s pretty comprehensive and if you are seeing at least 50% of these signs then something is definitely wrong.

It may not be that you ever done anything to them but let’s face it, you can’t like everyone you meet, right?

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The Signs A Person Who Dislikes You Always Puts Out.

  1. They take a different tone of voice when they speak directly to you or about you and may even be sarcastic or condescending. Is it your imagination that they always sound cranky or annoyed with you? Probably not.
  2. They won’t smile affectionately at you. If there is no real affection behind the smile it’s a dead give away. If you are unsure, watch how they smile at other people to compare. Honest smiles stemming from joy are impossible to fake.
  3. If they never want to make plans with just you it could be a sign. Real friends don’t need 4 other people around at all times just to make plans that include you.
  4. They never give you credit for your accomplishments. Like you could win an award for saving someone’s life and they will not give you a compliment on it. In fact they are very uninterested in anything you do.
  5. They won’t speak to you unless you speak to them first and then they say only what they must to be polite. If they completely ignore you can count on it that they don’t like you.
  6. They are very dismissive or critical of you. They won’t notice your good qualities & accomplishments but they sure do notice your shortcomings and mistakes and they will be vocal about it sometimes, even in a joking way… they aren’t really “joking”.
  7. They always cancel plans or promises to you. Make plans and they will cancel most times or every single time. They may not even bother to cancel, they may just not show up with no explanation.
  8. They tilt their head when they speak to you or may touch their lower back a lot or both. It’s just a basic human instinct that we do this. Some people touch their necks as well.
  9. They don’t want to make eye contact because they don’t have any respect for you. This alone isn’t a sure bet because there are many reasons people won’t look you in the eyes but if several other signs are present you can include this one too.
  10. They go out of their way to not touch you in any way. People who like you will pat your back, touch your hand, hug, etc.. people who don’t like you would never want to touch you. This is a big one to watch for because if they are touching you there is some level of affection for you.
  11. They never initiate contact with you and you might feel like they avoid you if they possibly can. Calls, texts, visits, and all forms of communication comes from just you.
  12. You can feel the negative energy and it makes you uncomfortable.
  13. Body Language is hostile or bored when the focus is on you. They might cross their arms, turn their body away from you while you interact with them or others n a group.
  14. They don’t find you funny at all. If you don’t like someone you will rarely share a genuine laugh with them.
  15. Intuition will tell you something isn’t right. Pay attention to what your Heart & Gut is telling you.
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Don’t assume that there is something wrong with you because it’s their problem not yours. There are many many many reasons why a person may not like another for no logical reason at all.. as I mentioned, you can’t like everyone. The next step is to just energetically let it go and allow this person to be removed.

The Universe will remove people who aren’t serving you when you quit fighting it and energetically just let go.

Once this person fades out the Universe will put someone in their place that is much more suited for you as a friend, family, or lover. You can confront them and ask what the problem is but why do that to yourself? Who cares!

Part of a Life Reset involves understanding that you are not obligated to anyone’s happiness other than your own and this is very liberating. When you start worrying about why someone doesn’t like you that gives them power over your happiness and it lowers your vibration. Wish them well and move on to bigger & better things because your happiness is top priority. For every one person who doesn’t like you, 10 more will adore you but none of there opinions matter more than the way you feel about yourself.

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