How To Tell If Your Pets Are Visiting You From Beyond: 7 Signs You Can’t Mistake…

I chose this picture because this cat looks just like my most recently deceased pet, this article is dedicated to Blue.

You know that your beloved Pets that have moved on are made from the same energy we are so it only makes sense that they are waiting on us to join them and they still visit us just like all of our other Loved Ones who have already went Home.

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Sometimes if you are really paying attention you can feel them still there with you and it usually always happens when you are thinking about them. That connection you had with them is still there and is as strong as it ever was but because we can’t physically see them we are unsure sometimes but there are ways to be sure.

One thing about Pet Spirits that you should know, they are ALWAYS in the Light. They are Spirits not Ghosts and they are here to love, support, & protect and never to cause fear or harm.

1. When You First Wake Up

They have likely been waiting & watching while you sleep especially if that was a habit of theirs in physical life. If you happen to think of them when you first wake up they are probably there and some people are tuned in enough to actually feel them as they are waking.

2. Catch A Glimpse

You might catch a glimpse of them out the corner of your eye and this happens when you aren’t looking for it usually. It’s during those times that they are there and focused on you and you aren’t even thinking about them and it catches you off guard and they are your first thought when it happens like.. “oh… I could have swore I just saw Jynx & forgot for a minute that he was gone..” type of thing.

3. You Might Smell Them

We all have a unique scent and so do animals. There is that general “wet dog smell” but if you compare 2 wet dogs they won’t smell exactly the same to a trained nose. They will connect with you in any way they can and this is a popular method for them to try. Make note that this can happen anywhere, not just at home where you would expect to connect with your beloved pet.

4. You Hear Their Noises

Did your pet have a familiar routine? Lets say that your dog Fuzzy liked to play ball in the hall beside your bedroom you might hear the same sounds he made when his ball bumped the way but nothing is there. That’s just Fuzzy saying hi to you and letting you know he is happy just like he was when he played with that ball.

5. “Your Song” Will Play

You might hear a song that reminds you of them even if you didn’t exactly have “a song with your pet” this one may remind you of her every time you hear it. This can vary too, it may be a different song each time but when you hear a song and your pet comes to mind it’s a message.

6. You Have A Vivid Dream

The biggest and best sign for me is a dream that is ultra vivid about your pet. I remember having a dream one time that was real as it gets with every pet I’ve ever lost except the cat I currently had who was missing. This was my deceased pets letting me know that she was not among them. I think they were trying to prevent me from worrying and as it turned out she had went to a neighbors house and their child had fallen in love with her so the Parents begged me to let her stay and I had to say goodbye since she was in a place that made her happy enough to not come back home. It was hard to do but I felt it was the right thing and I found peace with it, no more worries.

7. New Pets Start Mimicking Their Behavior

So you know that pets are very sensitive to Presence and see things that we generally can’t. Your deceased pet may come back to teach the new pet how to do things they used to because they know you like it. Maybe your cat Fluffy liked to climb in bed with you every morning when you woke up and run face to face so Fluffy comes back to teach Tiger how to do that. When your new pet starts acting like your deceased pet there’s a good chance she has a Coach.

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Keeping Them Close

There is also a way to bring them to you when you are feeling like you need them in a moment of Sadness.. just think of them. When you are remembering them they are near so if you are having a bad day or feeling down just think about your best memory of your pet and you might notice a tingle in your body or the hairs on your arm may stand up.

They are just as loyal in death as they were in life so time doesn’t exist between you and your pet. That dog you loved as a 6 year old child will still be there for you as a 60 year old adult.

They may also be there watching when you are sick or gravely ill or injured just the same as your human spirit Loved Ones. I had a Client once that had a cat that was with her every time she got in her car, in life this cat always wanted to get in the car with her but wasn’t allowed. This cat was really anxious and worried about her when she left and experienced a lot of separation anxiety and after death she had the freedom to ride along and watch over things. How neat is that?

This doesn’t just apply to dogs & cats, it can apply to every pet from hamsters to horses and everything in between. Our Creator loves all Beings because we were all created from the same Creator and there is no preferred form of life at Home, there is space for all of us.

I do want to note that it’s comforting to feel the presence of a loved pet that is passed on but if you are feeling an excessive amount of grief you should speak with a medical provider, a counselor, or a good friend about your feelings. It’s natural to miss a pet but it’s the same as with any loss, if it becomes unbearable and interferes with our life beyond a reasonable period of mourning you should seek some help because grief in large doses for extended periods of time is unhealthy.

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