Why Spiritual Awakenings Often Happen After A Death

If You Gained Spiritual Gifts After You Lost Someone Raise Your Hand.

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Despite having a hint or two or three.. over the years I was not aware of my abilities until I started grieving the loss of a dear friend. The depression that followed his loss opened me up to what happens after we die and what abilities we have always had. I started following Sylvia Browne & her work at the time there were no computers all over my home and I didn’t even have cable so I bought her books & watched her on Montel.

But it was not to be at that time. I mean it was but I didn’t stay with it because I had 3 small children and wasn’t as mentally mature yet as I needed to be so I shut the door for many years.

Then it happened again.. I lost my Soulmate suddenly without warning. He wasn’t a romantic Soulmate but I loved him as my other half. I saw his death on the evening News and my first instinct was to die, it was time to go.

I didn’t sleep a wink for weeks and I was in really bad shape before I finally just collapsed and I can laugh about it now but at the time it wasn’t funny, the very minute I finally fell asleep 23 days later every single one of my in-law’s knocked on the door and most of them were drunks and being loud. That’s just my luck lol.. but when I rose up ready to blow a gasket I saw him in front of me for the first time.

At first I assumed I was hallucinating from lack of sleep but all this time later clearly that’s not the case but I feel that the trauma of losing him manifested what I had suppressed for a long time. I had to hit that pit of utter grief & loss in order to open the door back up.

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This Was Planned

I understand now that it was all planned and just had to be. Apparently this was the backup in my life that happened because I had shut the door the first time. He & I had made this pact long before we incarnated as a just in case thing to reawaken me if I needed it. He finished his work here on Earth and was ready to go Home and this was his final gift to me and he’s been assisting me every since because he took on the role of my Head Spirit Guide when he finished up his duties & Healing. We visit often in Astral Dreams and sometimes work together to assist others in my life.

So this is how it works sometimes when people we love die physically and we grieve ourselves into a Spiritual Awakening. It can be a really rough process in some cases and mine was an extreme case but it really took a lot to open my door back up so that is just what needed to happen.

How Can You Tell It’s Happening?

If you are able to pick up signs that your Loved One is trying to connect then they are also trying to help you advance to the next level & open up your gifts. Yes, they do want to let you know they are okay or finish up unfinished business and all of that stuff too but they mainly are trying to show you “Look I’m still here! It’s possible to see & hear me if you really try!”

Once you decide to open this door you need to start researching what to do next. When you hit the right answer that resonates with you it will be clear, the space in your Heart Chakra will let you know and you will get that feeling of Yes, this is what I need to work on! There is no solid next step that fits everyone, it’s very customized to you and only you can determine what comes next for you.

Mingling with like-minded people helps because people who are not within the Awakening process can be very unsupportive when you first start opening up about it so you have to tread lightly until you are on more solid ground with the process. This is just what I know from my own experiences and listening to thousands of other people’s experiences. It’s never a good idea to just suddenly put it out there that you are Awakening and are becoming psychic, take baby steps! Don’t force anything and give people time to adjust.

Go on Facebook and find a good group, research websites & blogs, and watch YouTube videos for information if you want to study other people’s experiences. You can do it alone and just use your Intuition and learn on your own and many people do it successfully that way. You have to remember, there have been Spiritually Awakened people since the beginning of “time” and computers are relatively new and books haven’t always been available on the subject. It’s really a personal choice.

I’d love to hear how your Personal Spiritual Awakening happened, you can leave a comment and tell us about it below 🙂

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