My Past Life Made Me Fat This Time But It’s Not Entirely My Fault…

Or so my Guide tells me… And It Makes Perfect Sense!

My weight has went up & down so many times I’ve lost count and it’s getting to be a situation again right now because over the past year I’ve gained about 40 pounds. This is something I’ve always just had to accept about myself, I am never going to be thin or look like a model but my weight zig-zags every few years and I have always gained weight in the Winter.

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20 years ago I was a Weight Loss Coach and had a large thriving online community of women who were in the process of losing weight so I know every single detail of how to lose weight but I take spells where I just don’t care and that’s where I get myself into trouble.

I’m currently pretty frustrated with my weight and I asked my Guides why I had to struggle with my weight this time and the answer made so much sense but it still kind of stunned me. I’ve talked about this before in a past blog but never in this context so I am re-writing it to include the Soul’s part in this.

This information comes from my Guide Monica and I will explain it the way she explained it to me but in easier to understand wording because as you know, Time is a man made concept and past present & future run concurrent. Some people may not yet be familiar with that so I am keeping this at a more basic level and will do another article explaining the concept of Time later on.

Humans have been thin in many past lives because food has never been abundant like it is now and we have all had lifetimes in hard times economically and somewhere along the way we develop fears about food and the Soul remembers the scarcity we experienced with food and the Hunger we experienced. Food used to be for survival and it was a pretty big deal. Now we have Pizza Rolls & Snickers in every store and they are easily accessible so we eat for comfort, sadness, grief, boredom etc.. we love to eat because we can!

You combine that with the next reasoning and it’s the Perfect Storm for Obesity.

In our DNA that we have inherited from our ancestor’s survival instincts still runs strong today. Back when we didn’t have these big insulated homes like we have today with electricity and other luxuries, clear back into the caveman days, staying warm & fed wasn’t easy.

In cold environments especially food was scarce and to survive Humans would sleep a lot during the Winter and their metabolism would slow way down and if that hadn’t have occurred, death would have been the outcome for many.

They would bundle up good and sleep as much as possible and it wasn’t a full-fledged hibernation but sort of a semi-hibernation designed to keep us alive and this “programming” is still within many people’s DNA and it does vary by family genetics, locations, ethnicity, etc..

If our DNA Ancestors originated in a desert somewhere our ancestors body’s were thinner & very different than those people who’s ancestors originated from Arctic regions because those who came from Arctic regions by nature will be thicker and that trait passes down countless generations.

Also, food has never been so unhealthy as it is now. Never in the entire history of this planet has food been made up of chemicals and genetically altered products and contaminated meats.

Our bodies were designed to consume food for fuel and when we change the fuel there will be consequences. It’s like putting cheap dirty watered-down gas in your Ferrari and expecting to hit 200mph on the highway… it’s not gonna run right and neither will your body when you fuel it was nothing but chemicals & preservatives. Most people do not eat exclusively organic non-gmo natural foods and nature raised animals anymore and it’s having a terrible effect on our bodies. In fact, it’s destroying them.

This is just a little insight as to why so many people have trouble with their weight. If we removed the “junk” it would help tremendously but there is a lot more to it than just the poor nutritional choices we make and the lack of activity due to the lack of energy we have which is sometimes caused by the dehydration most of us have because we drink everything except water.

What are your thoughts on this?

Does this information resonate with you?

Knowing the why & how of something makes it easier to deal with it in my opinion. Understanding how this all comes together makes sense to me and does explain part of the problem for me so I can make a more practical, accurate & sensible plan of action for what to do about this and I wanted to share it with anyone in my audience who is struggling with their weight.

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