2021: Best Year Ever To Reset Your Life!

So How was 2020 for ya?

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Was it Exciting enough? Painful? Eventful? How would you label it? Better yet, What did it teach you?

Well guess what? It’s OVER and the New Year is here and I can promise you that it’s going to be a year like we’ve never seen before in the history of this planet. Things are going to take place that will keep our heads spinning all year long but really, it’s a good thing because Humanity is on it’s way to Recovery.

This is the day that you decide that you aren’t going to be Victimized anymore and you are going to take full responsibility for your own actions in 2021. You are going to Heal old wounds from this lifetime and lifetimes past and if you are really determined you will figure out your Soul Purpose for this life if you haven’t already.

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Do it in small steps by tackling one thing at a time and a great place to start is nailing to process of Self Responsibility.

When you start with that everything else will fail into place such as honesty, integrity, realizing your own value, self-respect and tons of other things but it all starts at the same place, taking responsibility for your own actions and not making excuses for your own actions.

It sounds easy but in the beginning it can be pretty hard to start accepting your own blame but when you do it alters the behaviors that led to the action. This just means that once you realize your own responsibility in the situation you won’t want to do it again because admitting faults goes against what society does. Many people love placing blame on others because they won’t see their own faults and that is the root cause of many people’s biggest problems in life. I know this because I’ve lived it.

So I just wanted to say Happy New Year to my wonderful Audience and give a quick little something to think about. Be safe out there tonight but have a good time and treat yourself and others with Kindness & Love. I know it’s been a crappy year an many won’t feel like celebrating but do it anyway, even if you are just raising a can up Pepsi to the incoming year, welcome it with the best energy possible so you can attract the good energy from 2021.

I’ll be releasing a special New Year’s Tarot Reading later on so be sure to watch for it!

P.S. I have changed the opening date to the Abundance Manifestation 2021 Program so I could create some brand new & amazing material that is a better fit for 2021. I will be announcing the sign up sheet today or tomorrow but the official start date is now January 11 2021.

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