When The Universe Challenges You… Challenge it Right Back. It’s Time To Manifest!

It’s not always easy to manifest and sometimes you really have to earn it to make things happen but sometimes we just have to prove how badly we want something and focus exclusively on making it happen.

You are going to get to witness a little journey I am about to take on with manifesting a bit of abundance and I am not getting any signs that it’s a bad idea but wow.. I sure am getting some crazy roadblocks! Minor stuff can really put a dent in your plans sometimes.

I haven’t been able to release any ads or open enrollment for my Learning Center over some crazy reason I can’t get a payment gateway open. Like, even Stripe & PayPal both kicked me to the curb and I have no idea why. It all started with selling a Mystery Box on eBay and eBay & PayPal shut me down because I violated terms.

In my defense I had no idea you aren’t allowed to sell mystery boxes because I see them on there all the time and I sold a mystery box containing $650 worth of items for $100 on that deal so I lost bigtime all around and now I’m blacklisted from a friggen PayPal acct because Ebay reported me to Paypal for it and Stripe joined them in shutting me down.. I had no idea they were even connected??? They kept my remaining $25 on the account and locked me out. Nice huh? Strange stuff always happens to me lol. I will get it straightened out at some point I guess.

Purple ogo

But here is what’s going on. I have my heart set on a piece of property in Colorado. Keep in mind that I am in Ohio but right now literally just $500 is keeping me from signing. *SIGH* I have all but $500 of what I need. I’m not working right now since I closed my local shop because of Covid and I haven’t Coached in some time so money is NOT growing off trees these days lol..

So since my business is in a minor glitch at the moment I have to Manifest another way and I do have a plan which would be to take my own “program” and I thought it might be fun to write about & demonstrate each step as I take it and see if anyone else wants to jump in on this with me and manifest your own need or desire.

This property is really important to me because I am going to build a Homestead with a Spiritual Camp Retreat for Women on the property. That is my ultimate dream and it’s pretty much now or never because I will never get a deal like this again on a location like this.

So I invite you to go along with me while I create what I need and show you firsthand how to manifest like a Pro.

I’m going to make this a 7 Day Event and it starts in the morning ( 1/6/21.) and I will take you along for the ride with each & every step I take to create that $500. If you have never actually practiced Spiritual Manifestation you are in for a treat.

I’m up pretty late tonight, at 2:14 am I’m gonna head to bed soon but once I’m up moving around tomorrow we will start step 1.

Tonight when I finally crash off to bed I will ask my Spirit Team for assistance which is always a good start. You have to ask very specifically for what you need and I mean specific to the last detail. That’s a major but common mistake people make because the request is too vague and your guides need the play by play details of what you want before they can help make it happen. Never forget that!

If you say “Hey Spirit Team I need more money this month” don’t be surprised to find a dime in your couch and that’s it. You need to say “Hey Guides I need $1,234.56 by Sat. Jan 19th at 3 pm. Can you guide it to me in such & such way so I can buy that new car I want over on Rose st. for $1,234.56″. It MUST be this way but I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.


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