Manifest Like A Pro Series: Lesson One

It’s not hard to do

In my last article I promised to teach you how to Manifest like a Pro and I am a day late getting this article out because of the chaos in Washington DC yesterday I’m a day behind but better late than never right? lol Also, a quick note, I just wasn’t feeling the old layout anymore and I am trying out a new look & feel for the website so bear with me if you see it changing around a bit. I also want to announce that I have started a Patreon account and for only $3 you get several special Bonus Rewards & over the next few days I will be getting content uploaded for the VIP Members. Show your support & check it out below.

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Correct & Stabilize Your Energy

The first step in creating & manifesting what you need to manifest is always going to be Energy Work. It’s nothing hard and you don’t have to have any special abilities to do it, you simply need to put the right type of energy into your request.

Decide right now that you are going to attract what you need. Just for instruction purposes I will use my personal request for an example but you can just replace mine with yours 🙂

You create your own Reality! Embed that in your mind and with every fiber of your being accept & embrace that awareness because that is the single most important step in the process.

The Energy that comes out of your mouth and your mind is what controls the outcome so be very careful with this one okay? Right now at this very moment you have to decide to accept what you have coming and claim it mentally & verbally.

  • I accept that I have received My $500
  • I deserve my $500
  • My $500 is on it’s way to me right now.
  • I deserve to receive my $500 and I accept it with Gratitude & Love.

This changes your mentality and energy when you put it out there in this form but if you doubt yourself & your ability to receive what you desire you are creating an energetic blockage that very well might prevent you from receiving it. Stae that you have received it and it’s on the way if you want this to work.

Our human brains are designed to have doubts for our own safety and this can be very hard to overcome but it can be done. This is our biggest blockage in life, that pesky feeling of doubt gets in the way and if we don’t decide to eliminate that energy it prevents us from reaching our goals.

Spend today working on this step and tell yourself time & time again that what you are trying to manifest is already manifested & making it’s way to you. Lose any doubts and allow yourself to feel the gratitude & excitement that you will have when your desire is presented.

Don’t use words from this list! And remember, your thoughts play a big role in the outcome!

  • Might
  • Hopefully
  • Maybe
  • Probably
  • Trying

It’s not even about having faith in the process, it’s about accepting it as fact. This changes the energy and allows you to alter reality. It’s similar to the process of the Water Healing article I wrote recently. When you learn about Energy you become aware that learning to control energy can be as easy as controlling your thoughts. Literally.

This is your first step and if you are ready to receive then do this today and train your brain for the next 24 hours and tomorrow I will give you the next step in the process. VIP Members will get the entire series in one lesson plus a Bonus Lesson that will be uploaded in just a few days (I’m working nonstop on content this week!)

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