You Can Give A Beautiful Gift To Your Angels & They will Reward You..

Develop An Intimate Relationship With Your Angels

Your Angels do so much for you and they love what they do but it can be kind of a thankless job because so often we don’t even realize we have been assisted and possibly had our lives saved by our beautiful Angels & Archangels.

They don’t mind that it’s kind of thankless though because helping us is what truly makes them happy so their rewards come in the form of our successes. Think of it like watching your Little One thrive and learn to do new things, it fills us with pride to see them mature grow up and that is how our Angels feel about us since they love us unconditionally and purely. They live to protect and guide us.

When you think of them they know it because they hear our thoughts and feel our energy so when you show appreciation for them they are aware. So if you want to show your appreciation for them and in exchange connect with them energetically enough to communicate with them it’s so easy we can do it anytime we want and I will show you how.

It’s called Angel Chanting and not only will it thrill your Angels but they will start reaching out to you in ways you can see much more clearly, even if your Psychic Senses are not fully developed yet and in fact, it will speed the process up!


First, Choose an Angel you want to connect with. You can choose any Angel or Archangel that feels like a good fit to you or if you don’t know the name of your personal Guardian Angel(s) that’s okay, the message gets where it is meant to be so all you will need to do is ask for a name and pay attention to what pops in your head or a name that comes to you in the form of a message or even just decide what to name your Angel. They will never mind because names carry no importance at all and they are not stressing what you call them.

My personal Guardian Angel is Archangel Uriel. He came and introduced himself to me when my Clairaudience first started really working right and I had never heard of Uriel until then. Also, keep in mind that Angel have no gender and can appear to you as either male or female. Take Uriel for example, some see Uriel as male and some see Uriel as female but both are correct and neither are wrong. I know Uriel as male so that is what I am comfortable with.

Next, you will create your own Mantra with the name of your Angel. Keep it simple as you like or elaborate if that feels right to you but there is no pressure to be extravagant so keep it where it feels good to you. This is a personal and private bond between you & your Angel and nobody else in the world is involved so don’t worry about looking or feeling silly or inferior.

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Create a simple sentence or two or ten but use their name often. Use different tones or volumes, pitches, etc.. even if every word is the same make them all sound different.

Uriel, Uriel, Beautiful Urrrrieeeellllllll (It’s not real easy to demonstrate that in text! lol) You can simply say the same word 20 times in 20 different ways even.

Once you get your Mantra written you are ready and it’s every bit as effective if not more, to just “wing it” and put your raw feelings of LOVE into your song that you dedicate to your Angel(s).

You can say it out loud or you can do it in your Conscious but either way I recommend doing it in private unless you are not nervous for someone to hear you. It’s ideal to go into a meditative state and start mentally communicating your song to your Angels and that’s the method I use myself because I am not a singer, my little sister was blessed to have an amazing beautiful voice but I got none of that lol.

Put this into daily practice for days, weeks, or better yet a regular routine. Sing to them with Love and pure High Vibrations and you will attract them to you closer than ever. Let them know that it’s your intention to get to know them more personally and something really wonderful will start happening, they will start appearing in Dreams. Very vivid dreams full of information for you to assist you through life and your psychic abilities will flourish after a little time.

I picked this method up from someone else and applied it to my own practices and oh my gosh does it ever work! The Angels swell with pride to receive your gift of Love and they start bonding with you even more than before (if that is even possible!) because you see, they are already aware of you and have been since before you were born but you have forgotten them so when you show them some recognition, appreciation, & Love they just can’t get enough!

When you get the connection started they will start visiting you in dreams and these will be Astral Dreams so they will be very real and full to the brim with messages & signs. Just remember that when you have these dreams things usually aren’t what they seem so you will want to look into dream interpretation once this starts. You may start getting visits immediately or it may take a few weeks but the visits will manifest. Farmdrop

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