Manifest Like A Pro Series: Lesson Two: Scarcity

Remove Conditioning & Limiting Belief Systems that are blocking your ability to receive.

This is something that we do to ourselves and it’s not entirely our fault because we were conditioned to do it at a very young age but don’t go blaming Mom & Dad either because they were conditioned to it themselves by their Parents and it goes back generation after generation but you are going to break that cycle right now.

If you haven’t read Part One to this series, go back and start there before you take this step.

Lovely Wholesale

People have been taught that in order to succeed and have a wealthy abundant life you need to do a whole string of things that involve hard work, penny pinching, high levels of education, and on & on… but look around you now and see how many “average” people who are creating massive wealth and leading very fulfilling lives and some don’t even have a High School Diploma. Single Parents with low-paying dead-end jobs, formerly Homeless people are making millions, and people are quitting their meaningless jobs every single day and starting exciting businesses they love doing things that in the past we were told we couldn’t do without years of training that cost thousands of dollars.

2020 taught us something really important, it’s totally possible to do what you love and create your own wealth doing it and it can be far out crazy things that until now have been pretty much unheard of or it can be something pretty common but either way, it’s all possible for all of us.

Let’s take Real Estate as an example. In the past we had to go to school for a long time and get in massive debt before we could go work for someone else and take home a small portion of the big money that goes in someone else’s pocket then if we were really good at our job and worked really hard for many years we might get to be a Partner or branch out on our own.. if the money is there to do it. Now anyone can sell Real Estate and make millions without even graduating High School.

We are in the Age Of Information and The School of Life is all we need. Information is out there everywhere and you don’t need to attend formal training to do many things. Did you want to be a Doctor when you were a kid but life didn’t turn out that way for you? Well, now you can be a Health & Wellness Practitioner and potentially make more money than a Doctor and love what you do.

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The Big Secret is….

Don’t fear Scarcity.

The fear of scarcity keeps us pinned down and prohibits our ability to reach our full potential.

  • There isn’t enough money
  • I’m too old/young
  • I don’t have the time
  • I lack the knowledge
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I don’t have any support

These are all examples of Self Limiting Beliefs of Scarcity. If you can clear these limiting belief systems from your mind you have unlimited potential and you really can manifest the life of your dreams. You’ve heard the saying “Where there’s a will there’s a way”? Well, that saying has stuck around because it’s true.

The number one thing people fear is lack of money and lack of success and once you learn how to remove these fears you are unstoppable. I tell people all the time, you say that you don’t have the money, but what do you have to sell? Would you rather have a second car right now or start a business that can enable you to buy any new car you like? Afraid you aren’t smart enough? Well then why aren’t you learning? I bet you know more than you think you do right now.

But I want to be clear before we go any further, this doesn’t just apply to Entrepreneurs, scarcity blocks affect everyone in some form and holds us back from many types of Abundance, not just in our chosen “Jobs”.

As a child were you told to finish what was on your plate because there are kids starving somewhere? How did that affect you as an adult? So many kids were forced to eat more than they wanted and have grown up to be overweight for no sensible reason! How did finishing your plate until you were stuffed help anyone in a Third World Country? It didn’t. I was told the same thing and ended up in trouble because I took it to heart and stuffed 2 loaves of bread & a pack of cheese into the mailbox because in my 6 year old mind I wanted to send the “starving kids” some food. I’ve also had weight problems my entire life and I know that this played a role in my overeating as a teen and adult.

The fact is, Scarcity is embedded in our minds when we are children and we learn to always worry about not having enough.

It sticks with us all through life unless we realize it and break the cycle. So what does this have to do with Creating Abundance? Everything.

How Scarcity Relates To Manifesting Abundance

In order to create abundance we have to fulfill the Karmic Cycle. This plays a role in why we just can’t seem to get ahead enough to feel contentment because that Fear of Scarcity prevents us from Providing Abundance for someone else.

In order to receive your abundance you are required to provide abundance and one of our biggest problems is the Fear of Giving mentality. We are afraid to give away some of our abundance that we don’t need to another person who needs what we have because we get scared that we might not get more or that if we give what we have then we will have less.

Doesn’t it make sense to you that if you help someone out then you will receive help in return? I hope because that’s exactly how it works but a lot of the time people don’t make the connection.


You give a neighbor who’s struggling some groceries even though you were low yourself. That neighbor recovers financially soon after and doesn’t offer you anything but see her helping someone else and not you and you get upset and feel used. You do however get a bit of financial relief when your Dad gives you a surprise cash gift but remain angry & resentful with the neighbor.

You missed the point entirely if you view it like this. It was your job as The Giver to help your Neighbor and it was your Dad who had the job of completing the Karmic cycle. Universally speaking, you got that help from your Dad because you helped the neighbor. Make Sense? We all take turns as The Giver & The Receiver but don’t expect the person you help to be the person who helps you because it isn’t always this way.

So How Do You Correct This Behavior?

Remain aware of the cycle and don’t contaminate the energy in the flow by worrying about where your Abundance is coming from and never expect anything in return because that alone can create an Abundance Block.

Somewhere in your home is an abundance of something and if you don’t see it you might have some Shadow Work to do. If you can find someone who needs what you have an excess of and you give it to them with Love & Gratitude and really feel the Love & Gratitude. Why would you want to feel Gratitude to someone you are helping? Because helping someone is a beautiful thing and it makes our Souls happy. It’s an honor to the Soul to be able to assist and so many people have forgotten this because Society tricks us into thinking that Receiving feels better than Giving.

So with this logic, today’s Lesson teaches you What?


I sure hope your answer is that you learned that in order to receive your abundance you need to give some abundance. I also hope you are aware of the things you are abundant in. There are millions & millions of different kinds of abundance, it’s not just monetary.

So right now, explain what you are going to give to another person so you can clear your way towards abundance?


I also want to note that this does NOT mean to give away all your money to your Church or another Charity or in any way to give what you cannot afford, that misses the point too. I cringe when I see people giving their paychecks to Churches and think they are buying their way out of sin and into Heaven. That is not going to work.

In order to complete the cycle you must give what you have an Abundance of, not what you are in need of. Your Intuition will guide you to what you need to give.

Tomorrow we will cover part Three of the Manifestation Series

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