Here Is Your Yearly Reading 2021

Pick Your Deck To Get Your Message

I’m doing it a bit differently this year since I have several new Decks and you can choose the one that resonates with you to receive your Message. Look at the three options below and once you pick one you can scroll down to see the actual Reading. I took a picture of the cards after they were drawn and you are certainly able to add to this read and personalize it with your own Intuition based on how you see and feel about the cards.

I put each Reading into a download format so you can print a copy of your Reading and keep it close by throughout the year. It’s nothing fancy though, I didn’t have time to make it pretty but it’s doable for your personal notes 😉

P.S I will be setting up a page to start offering Private Readings again soon I promise! I’m working on the page now so it won’t be much longer 🙂

Whichever you chose I hope you have a wonderful New year!


Deck One

Deck Two

Deck Three

Okay now that you have chosen which deck resonates with you scroll down to get your personal message from the Universe about what the year 2021 is going to bring you.

Deck One: Moonology

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  • January: Communication is the key. Work on your communication skills to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and understand Other’s points of view. You may be presented with a Golden Opportunity if you can communicate your desires when the opportunity presents that will change your life but if you stay quiet so does your life. New Moon in Gemini.
  • February: Don’t let pride get in your way. Pride is a great thing to have but when you become too prideful it can cause problems and cost you big. The time will come where you have to swallow your pride and do what’s right. Don’t worry, you won’t regret it. New Moon in Leo.
  • March: Conclusions are within reach. This means that something old is wrapping up and a new beginning is nearing. This conclusion will not be a sad one and will in fact be a blessing in the long run. An exciting opportunity is yours for the taking. Full Moon Eclipse.
  • April: Take time to breath out. When we are in fear we often hold our breath but what happens when we finally exhale? We relax. You need to focus on your personal clarity & self-care to prepare for what comes next and you won’t attract that next big thing until you do finally relax. Disseminating Moon.
  • May: Show the world the REAL you. It’s time to let the world know who you really are with the good, bad, and everything in between. This is the month to focus on Authenticity and self-awareness so you can attract & manifest the right things into your life. Full Moon in Aquarius
  • June: The answers you need are coming. This month is going to be one to remember because this is the month that your life is going to make sense and your purpose will be crystal clear. You will find that valuable information is coming in from every direction this month. Take notes if you need to! Full Moon in Gemini
  • July: Look at the bigger picture. Don’t focus on small details at this time because you need to look at the bigger picture for the most clarity. Things that seem minor right now are just parts of the whole picture and this is the month that all the pieces seem to fit together for you. There will be a big decision to make this month so look at all of the facts before you make it. Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • August: A personal issue reaches resolution. This is an unexpected event that will change your whole outlook on your Relationships or Health. You have a choice to make and while it’s not an easy choice the one you make will be the right one as long as you go with your own Intuition. Full Moon in Cancer.
  • September: A New romantic cycle begins. This is a good sign for both single & committed people. Singles will start new relationships if they are looking for one and committed people will have a renewed energy for their current relationship. It’s important not to “chase” this one and let it happen naturally. New moon in Libra.
  • October: Don’t let your past hold you back. The things from your past were not meant to hold you back today but rather to push you forward and keep you evolving. Remove the old stagnate energy that keeps you bound to fears of failure and live like there is no yesterday. South Node.
  • November: Emotions are running high! This month is going to just feel crazy so be ready for anything. Out of chaos will come certainty so ride it out and don’t take it all too seriously, life is way too short for all of that. Supermoon.
  • December: The end of a tough cycle approaches. You made it through some rough patches and now it’s going to be smooth sailing for a while. Look at what lessons you learned from this past years chaos and negative situations. Clear your energy and celebrate life. Full Moon in Capricorn.
  • Numbers to be aware of this year: 1, 4, 5, 60, 15, 2, 24
International Open Academy

Deck Two

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  • January: Throat Chakra- The Angels are lovingly helping you speak your truth. It’s very important to speak your Truth this month and don’t let others silence you because you have something very important to say! If you have trouble with this ask your Angels to help you clear your throat chakra.
  • February: Ascended Masters. Powerful, loving, and wise spiritual Teachers are watching over you & guiding you. If you dedicate this month to following your Intuition you will be amazed at the results it will bring to your life. Just know that your Intuition has some powerful assistance behind it and you are being helped.
  • March: Be willing to forgive. Ask the Angels to clear your mind & body of past pain in exchange for peacefulness. Whether you need to forgive yourself or others it’s time. Clearing this energy from the Past is going to help your Spiritual Growth tremendously and you will feel the change in your overall health & wellness.
  • April: Heart Chakra. The answer that you seek is located in your Heart right now Be open to giving & receiving love. Your romantic life is going to experience some changes this month and the end results are very promising.
  • May: Crown Chakra. Pay attention to your ideas, as they are messages of true Divine guidance sent in answer to your prayers. You are going to get a brilliant idea this month that will assist your manifestation goals greatly so don’t ignore what feels like genius ideas because they are really messages.
  • June: Crystals. The energy of Crystals supports you and helps with your present situation. This is a great month to bring some new crystals home or invest in that special piece that has been calling to you. It’s also time for you to get busy in raising your own vibration and your crystals can help you with that.
  • July: Sacral Chakra. You are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, processed foods & energies right now. Respect your sensitivities by avoiding harsh items situations, and relationships. You will feel so much better this month if you avoid toxic people and environments. If you need to end a relationship now is the time, otherwise surround yourself with people that bring you joy .
  • August: Shield Yourself. Protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies by envisioning a cocoon of Healing Light surrounding you. This month is the time for you to heal from the strain & trauma from Past Events & Lives. DO what is good for you this month and others can only benefit when you put yourself first.
  • September: Singing & Dancing. Express yourself and awaken your psychic senses through the magical power of music & movement. This is an exciting month for you, celebrate and be happy! Your psychic abilities have manifested stronger and are leading you towards your true calling & purpose. This month you will achieve some serious goals!
  • October: Archangel Michael. You are working very closely with this powerful archangel who is protecting you and guiding you through this situation. You might have a dilemma but it’s nothing you can’t handle and it will take you towards your greater good but through a different route than you had planned. Buckle up but know it’s all going to be okay in the end!
  • November: Archangel Raphael. The healing angel is with you while you do your work. This month is about peace and love, for yourself. You are going to be busy this month but it won’t overwhelm you because you are doing what you love. Try different types of Healing this month and reap the rewards.
  • December: Goddess. Express your Divine Feminine energy, embracing it’s magical intuition and nurturing qualities. This month is centered around sexual energy and you will have plenty of that. This doesn’t necessarily mean we are talking about the act of sex itself (though it could be!) but more along the lines of feeling at home in your body & being in touch with your softer sexier feminine side. Also, if you are trying to conceive this is a great month to try extra hard!
  • Numbers to be aware of this year: 12, 2, 20, 6, 1, 00, 4

Deck Three

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  • January: Diana Focused Intention. Think about what you desire. Set your sights high and expect the best possible outcome. When you focus on positive energy you will attract positive energy and you can apply this to any situation in life. This is a powerful month for manifestation.
  • February: Brigid. Inner Strength. Move back towards wholeness. Recognize that you have the power. This is a Healing month for you and it’s time to forgive & let go of old pains, it will change your life and let you move forward into bigger & better things. You got this… whatever it is.
  • March: The Myriam. Sacred Vision. Choose to forgive in order to Heal. See the Light in all. Remember that Love has no boundaries. This is similar to last months card (If you look at the picture above you will see the twins) but it applies to a brand new situation. Use what you learned last month and apply it to this month. Don’t fear this situation before it arrives because it’s nothing earthshattering, it’s simply an activity to make sure you are paying attention and are where you need to be in your Healing.
  • April: Serapis Bey. Ascension. Move into your true self. Rise above the darkness- the light is here. This is your best month so far in 2021. You have sailed through the tests and this month is a good one. You need to spend this month working on raising your vibrations and keeping yourself content & happy. You may come into some extra money this month!
  • May: Paul The Venetian. Experiencing Grace. Share your gifts with grace. Waves of inspiration are coming to you. This month is about Charity. What do you have to give? Who are you able to help? The more you help the more abundance you are attracting but be sure to be selfless about it! Have you visited your local Human Society lately?
  • June: Mercury. Open Communication. Get a weight off your chest. Speak up with Love and be heard. Someone needs you to help them Heal this month and it won’t be hard to figure out who it is, your intuition will tell you. You can prevent something negative from happening in someone life just by caring enough to listen. This month you will need to speak your truth in order to help another. It will all make sense when the time arrives.
  • July: Lady Venus. Downloads & understanding. Truth is being revealed. Deep insights are coming from Heaven and the Astral Realm. Pay very close attention to your dreams this month because they will be your guide. Write down everything you remember when you first wake up and use your Intuition to analyze the meanings behind them. This will be a VERY powerful month because those dreams are coming from your Higher Self and will lead you to great things in life.
  • August: The Holy Spirit Expect Miracles. Remember that only Love is real Miracles will occur naturally. Spirit has your back! This is a very important month for you and lots of things are going to happen. Remember that when something seems like you didn’t get what you want something better is on the way. This is the best month of the year for you to take chances and go big or go home.
  • September: Green Tara Supreme Protection. You are protected. Cords are being cut. Move beyond limitations. Trust. Something in your life is going to be removed but don’t fear it because it’s simply something or someone who was holding you back. Trust in yourself and in your Spirit Team because it’s all leading towards your greatest life yet.
  • October: Radha Soul Flame. Rediscover a lost part of yourself. Experience relationship harmony & Healing. This is the time for you to feel young again and get in touch with your inner child. What made you happy as a child? Remember that children are very highly intuitive until society takes that away from them. It’s time to take your childhood back.
  • November: Mother Mary. Love & peace. Let go of the need to be right & choose peace. Mother Healing is possible at this time. This month is about learning to accept responsibility for your own actions and create peace in your life by doing so. Don’t feel like you have to win every disagreement, you can learn a lot by just keeping your ears open & your mouth shut. Also, be sure to recharge your Crystals this month with Moonlight for a good cleansing.
  • December: Joan of Arc Voice of Truth. Stand strong & focus on your purpose. Release the fear of persecution and speak your truth. This is a special month for you, as your Life Purpose & Soul Mission become very clear at this time. Don’t ignore your inner voice when it starts screaming for you to listen! Treat everyone you meet with kindness this month even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Numbers to be aware of this year: 3, 1, 40, 4, 2, 7, 33
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